Summer Time Magick

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It is nearly the end of another calendar year and with the help of some witchy magick, nature, a sense of humour and lots of good chocolate we shall step into another one. Some weird and wonderful traditions that are practiced during the last day of the calendar year and to greet the new calendar year are as follows:


  • Take down the old calendar if you have not already and put up your new one. If you are one of those witches that has calendars with beautiful pictures in them, cut the pictures out now and recycle the parts not needed. You could place the pics in frames or cover the pictures with plastic book covering and then use them as placemats or altar mats.
  • Old diaries should be put away if not burnt or shredded for compost. Important dates are great to remember but not any sad and depressing notes, get rid of them, that was then, you are hoping to embark on a new direction of positive energy now and there is no need to take the sadness with you.
  • On the last day of the year, ensure your pantry or kitchen cupboard has good food in it including fresh bread, fruit and vegetables and a few treats to help ensure a year of good eats and drinks. I always like to have a happy supply of good organic coffee and chocolate such as Green and Blacks, This ensures good food throughout the coming year. Old, stale any nasty foods should be binned before the year ends, but not on the last day. 
  • Any old herb sachets, talismans and formulae made last year that are no longer needed and might still be hanging in the home, work place or garage should be removed and thrown out. As fire bans are on and a permit may be needed for any fires you may not be able to burn them but they can be buried into the ground. Sachets can be opened and their contents sprinkled out first before burying the remainder.
  • Strip old bedding and replace with freshly washed sheets. Air out blankets and covers before putting back on the beds. The same applies for any pet bedding and if you can, get rid of old toys that have not been used in a while or are in their past-by-date phase. You should explain to the cat as to why you are getting rid of their toys as they may not be very happy as I found out when I turfed the cats old couch out. Pays to keep them happy whenever possible.
  • Mats and rugs should be taken outside and given a good beating to remove dust and debris and the old year as so many footsteps and energies will have crossed over them in the space of a year. Use your household besom for this chore.
  • And speaking of besoms and broomsticks, give your ones a good clean. Place them outside under the full moon, under the sun as he passes through the skies, a brisk rub on the grass or a gentle wash under warm water. Dry them before taking back indoors and just for old time magick sakes, pass them through the window instead of taking them through the doorway. This is usually done when one brings a new broom to the home, however it has had a clean and is now a 'new' ‘room ready to go in the new calendar year.
  • Keep cobwebs up for luck. Spring is usually the only time for cleaning them away and you must let the spiders know beforehand. We are very proud of our spider webs here and they hang in great large displays through the high beams of the house and in various corners and windows. Ideal for use if one has a cut in which the spider webbing binds the cut and staunches the flow of blood. Spiders also keep the flies at bay so if you remove all your spider webs do not complain if you suddenly have a lot of flies buzzing at you.
  • Just before midnight on the 31st of December run through your entire house, bus, cottage or castle and make as much noise as possible until midnight passes. Open and close all the doors with a nice loud bang, clang pots with their lids and generally yell and make merry. Not so nice for the neighbours that may not understand what is going on and for those of you that do live in the city lands, then possibly this could turn very interesting. Maybe you should go with the next one...
  • Do not throw anything out of the house on the last day of the year as this is considered unlucky by some. That means no sweeping out the door, no dirty water thrown outside, no ashes, no old ice from the fridge and so on. Do all of this before the last day or wait until the second day of the new year to start with this. Yay, no work, dance, feast and be merry...
  • Add several coins to a small bag, they can be in any form but usually the currency in which you would like to draw towards you for the coming year. Going to Australia? then add some Aussie coins, England then a few pound coins and so forth. I like to add old coins as well as these can be quite valuable should you draw some your way, they also remind me of our ancestors and in their memory.  Always make sure you have a coin in your purse, wallet or bag, that way you always have money. 
  • Light a candle just before midnight and keep the flame going as the stroke of midnight passes. This is done to ensure that you will always have the guardian of the light close by. 
  • Which (witch) leads me to another...set up an altar or special place where you can place your favourite items from those who have passed. A way to honour and remember them as we move to another year.
  • And the Scottish tradition of 'First Footing.' Whoever was the first to come over the entrance in any new year would denote the prosperity and health of the family in which they visited. A dark haired visitor was always considered to be lucky and especially if thy arrived with whiskey. The family would gift them a drink in return and food as well as a happy welcome. Unfortunately light haired people and females were considered unlucky.
  • If you are fortunate to have an Oak tree on your property or close by, take it an offering and then knock on it's trunk three times for luck for the coming year. 
  • And of course always make sure that your animals, pets and familiars have a good healthy supply of food, lots of fresh water and shelter, big kisses, cuddles and hugs and a year ends and another begins, even though they may be oblivious to the matter of humans, muggles, witches and wizards alike. 

Perhaps you have many of your own traditions, in which case we would love to hear soem of them. So whatever you do as you cross the threshold into 2018 make it good, be merry and remember the Witches Rede, 'An it harm none, do what ye will.'


And don’t forget…

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a combination of five remedies such as Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem. This works on the emotional level and can be used for all traumas upsets and stresses. A few drops can also be placed into your pets drinking water as they may be feeling the stress of it all as well. 


Slip, slop and slap on a Witches hat!

It is getting hot out there as the sun reaches his peak and rest assured he will be quite intense for some time and up until at least the second harvest if not longer. So that means when out and about, put on some sunscreen and try to find a good natural one. Soleo Organics does a good 30+ SPF and there are many 50+ sunscreens as well which it seems we now need. And don't forget the witchlings and bubs, keep them out of the sun where possible, Alba Botanica does a sunscreen for kids. Check the ingredients that are in them and stay clear of parabens and harmful sulfates.Organic, health and some chemists will have a variety of sunscreens to suit. Make sure you have a hat that helps keep the shade on your dome, and yes not all hats are 'cool' to wear especially if you are a teen or a primadonna, but a hat is needed so perhaps you could get one and revamp it to make it fabulous, and if not then standard witches hat issue will work just as well, and get a few looks I am sure.



Drink fresh water over the day and ensure pets have a bowl of water left in the shade for them as well. 


Chamomile Tea

To help relax and unwind. This is one herb tea that I do enjoy with a little lemon balm added as chamomile on its own can be quite bitter. If using as a before bed drink, have at least half an hour before so. Add to one cup of boiling water, 1 Tbsp fresh Chamomile flowers Matricaria retutica (German Chamomile) or 1 tsp dried flowers and the same amount of Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis. Cover and steep for five minutes, strain and enjoy. The following ditty can be used for all teas, tisanes and brews, no matter what herb is used. Just remember to change the energies to the corresponding herb that is being used.

‘Herbal tea, a witches brew, bring me peace (healing etc) in all I do.’


Summer Incense

This incense should be made on a Sunday during the Summer months if possible, obviously due to the fact that ‘Sun’day is ruled by the sun. Burn this incense to honour the Sun, alternately it can be thrown into your balefire to give thanks for this season upon us.


1 part calendula flowers

1 part frankincense

1 part lavender flowers

½ part oak leaves

½ part dried orange peel

Pinch chili flakes


Inscribe an orange candle with the symbol of the sun and light the wick allowing the candle to burn brightly as you work. Gather all the required ingredients and place them into a mortar and pestle and grind all ingredients together until they have reached the desired consistency while chanting your own words or using the ones here:

‘Herbs and plants of Summers Earth, grind together, and let magick work. By powers of the Witches sun, blessed be in all said and done.'

Place the incense mix into an airtight container and label well. Draw a pentagram across the lid as you close it tight to ensure its seal. ‘This is my will, so mote it be.’ 





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