Sybil Leek

Sybil Leek was born on the 22nd February 1917 in the village of Normacot in Staffordshire, England to a comfortable, middle class family. She claimed to have been descended from the historical Witch, Molly Leigh who had been accused of practicing Witchcraft during the Witch Hunts. Sybil had a wonderful Jackdaw called Mr Hotfoot Jackson and they would  be seen going everywhere together.

At the age of 16 she married her music teacher, though he died two years later, whereupon Leek returned to live with her grandmother. Shortly after, she was sent by her grandmother to a French Coven based at Gorge du Loup in the hills above Nice, to replace a distant relative of hers as High Priestess.She later stayed in the New Forest, England claimed to have spent many years living amongst the New Forest gypsies. When she was 20, Sybil returned to her family, who had now moved to the edge of the New Forest. She opened three Antique shops.

Her eccentric habits as a self-described witch soon resulted in problems. Media interest grew, and Sybil became tired of the attention from reporters and tourists. According to some she was seen as a bit of a joke or a fraud. Although the village itself benefited from the extra tourism and visitors, some were unhappy with the extra traffic and noise. Her landlord eventually refused to renew her lease, prompting Leek to move away from the area and immigrate to America.

When Sybil moved to America, she became an astrologer, describing astrology as her first love and in April 1964, an American publishing house wanted Sybil to speak about her new book A Shop in the High Street, and she was invited to appear the TV programme 'To Tell the Truth' a well known in America. Her appearance occurred on April 13, 1964. She took the opportunity to attend and flew to New York City, where she gave many interviews. While in New York, she was contacted bythe Parapsychologist, Hanz Holzer who invited her to join him investigating hauntings and psychic phenomena. They went on to do numerous TV and radio programmes on the subject while becoming good friends sharing lots of adventures in the psychic world. She would later move to Los Angeles, where she met Dr Israel Regardie an authority on the Kabbalah and Ritual Magic.

She passed from this life at her homein Melbourne Beach, Florida on 26 October 1982. Her husband, Brian Leek, died in England in 1974. She is survived by two sons, Stephen and Julian and two grandchildren.


Book List

Diary of a Witch, The complete Art of Witchcraft, The Jackdaw and the Witch, Moon Signs,Reincarnation, My Life in Astrology, The Second Chance, The Sybil Leek book of Fortune-telling, Sybil Leeks Book of Curses, Mr Hotfoot Jackson, How to be your own Astrologer, Cast you own Spell, Telepathy: The Respectable Phenomenon, Sybil Leeks astrological guide to successful everyday living, Sybil Leek on Exorcism: Driving out the Devils, Herbs: Medicine and Mysticism, The Night Voyagers: You and your Dreams, Sybil Leeks Book of the Curious and the Occult, The Assassination Chain, The Astrological Guide to Financial Success, Tomorrows Headlines Today, Numerology: the Magic of Numbers, A Ring of Magic Islands, ESP the Magic within you, Sybil Leeks Zodiac of Love, Phrenology, The Tree that conquered the World, Inside Bellevue, The Bicycle – that Curious Invention, Driving out the Devils: an Exorcists Casebook, Astrological Guide to the Presidential Candidates, Leeks Book of Herbs, Telepatia.


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