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Silver RavenWolf (born September 11, 1956), born Jenine E. Trayer, is an American author and lecturer who focuses on Neopaganism. She currently resides in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Silver's writing career began with how-to articles on art projects and fictional short stories that blossomed into a full-time career in 1989 with her work on her first full length book -- To Ride A Silver Broomstick. Since that time she has written over 21 books for Llewellyn World Wide. Wife of 30 years, mother of 4 grown children and grandmother, she has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, and various newspapers across the U.S. She has done hundreds of interviews for radio, appeared in several television news spots, and featured on A&E Biography.


Book List
American Folk Magick: Charms Spells & Herbals
Angels: Companions in Magick
Halloween: Spells, Recipes & Customs
HedgeWitch: Spells, Crafts & Rituals For Natural Magick
Hex Craft: Dutch Country Pow-wow Magick
Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton (introduction by Silver Ravenwolf)
Mindlight: Secrets of Energy, Magick & Manifestation
Silver's Spells for Abundance
Silver's Spells for Love
Silver's Spells for Protection
TeenWitch!: Wicca for a New Generation
To Light a Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium
To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft
To Stir a Magick Cauldron: A Witch's Guide to Casting and Conjuring
Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation
Witches Runes: Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions (Cards) (with Nigel Jackson)
A Witch's Notebook: Lessons in Witchcraft



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