Paddy Slade

Paddy Slade is a hereditary Witch or a village Wise Women in the traditional Old English sense.  She was born Patricia Harlow on the 29th September 1931 and lived in Canterbury, Kent. Her Father, Robert hadlow was a sailor in the Merchant Navy and her Mother, Rose of Scottish decent practiced the old ways of the village Witch or Wise Woman as she was also known and passed these onto Patricia who picked up the traditional ways quickly and carried them on. She was the youngest of seven children.

Paddy went on to study at Cambridge University, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Medieval History and English.  After leaving collage she joined the signals branch of the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF). In 1955 while still serving in the air force, Paddy married her husband Philip (Pete) Slade and a year later gave birth to their first son Robert, a second son Peter followed in 1957.  Most of their time with the RAF was spent serving overseas, mainly in Singapore and Fiji, and only returned to England after leaving the Force in the early 1960’s.  Sadly just a short time later in 1962, her husband Pete suffered a heart attack and died. 

After the death of her husband Paddy was naturally devastated, and despite much support and encouragement from her friends and relatives she decided to retreat to the isolation of the Dartmoor countryside.  She loved the remoteness of Dartmoor and continued to live there for the next twenty years, occasionally moving from one location to another. Over the years Paddy became known for her vast knowledge of herbal and magical formulae and remedies, and soon had many students waiting to join her teaching courses, in which she called ‘the Old Wild Magic.’

In 1982 Paddy left the remoteness of Dartmoor and settled in a small village near Bath in Somerset.  Since then she has reduced her teaching to just a few, and in efforts to share her knowledge with a wider audience, started writing.  Her books are filled with the wisdom of a genuine old country witch, sharing her knowledge about animal, herb-lore, spells, chants, folk remedies, recipes and natural magic.  She writes from the heart and without pretence, but she also writes with a sense of humour and one that catches the magick of nature.


Book List

1990 - Encyclopedia of White Magic 

1990 - Natural Magic: A Seasonal Guide 

2001 - Seasonal Magic: Diary of a Village Witch

2004 - Tales Round the Cauldron 


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