Doreen Valiente

Doreen Edith Dominy, daughter of Harry and Edith, was born in Mitcham, South London on 4th January 1922. Finding herself growing up in the West of England, the young Doreen acquired the local accent that she never lost. The West country (as it is known in Britain) is an area noted for its rural beauty and strong attachment to the land. Even today it is not unusual to find folk dances at midsummer, fertility stones and healing wells that have been used continuously for centuries. It is in these surroundings that the young Doreen grew up.

As a young girl, she began to play a solitary game to amuse herself - running up and down the street riding a broomstick. Why she did this at such a young age she never knew, but her parents feared she would become a witch - something they found quite disconcerting (her parents were very religious and were ardently opposed to witchcraft). It must be said that Doreen was in fact brought up as a Christian and sent to a convent school where she walked out at the age of fifteen and refused to return.

Doreen´s first marriage was to Joanis Vlachopoulos, a thirty-two-year-old able Seaman serving with the Merchant Navy. The marriage took place in South Wales on 31/1/1941 where the couple were living at the time; Doreen in Barry and Joanis in Cardiff. An interesting fact is that the nineteen-year-old Doreen is named as Rachael Dominy on the marriage certificate, information kindly supplied by long-standing friend of Doreen´s, Patricia Crowther. It also appears that Joanis was unable to sign his name (illiteracy was not all that uncommon during the war) Tragically, less than six months later, Joanis went missing, presumed dead. As the War progressed, Doreen continued to work as a secretary in Wales. On 29/5/1944 Doreen wed Casimiro Valiente - the name which would stay with her for the rest of her life. They were married at St Pancras Registry Office, and now Doreen´s name and nationality were amended by virtue of marriage. She was now a Spanish national.

Doreen Valiente was a poet and many of her poems can be found in her published books - ABC of Witchcraft, Witchcraft for Tomorrow, Natural Magic and Rebirth of Witchcraft. On her death in 1999 she gave John Belham-Payne the opportunity to publish her so far unpublished works which have been compiled elegantly in the Book, The Charge of the Goddess.


Doreen Valiente´s Books - ABC of Witchcraft, Natural Magic, Witchcraft For Tomorrow, Rebirth of Witchcraft, Charge of the Goddess Book, Witchcraft - A Tradition Renewed.
Doreen Valiente´s Poems - Poem-The Charge of the Goddess, The Witches´ Creed, The Horned God, The Witches Chant, Samhain Chant, May Eve, The Derivation of the Word Witch, The Spell of the Cord, Invocation of the Moon Goddess, The Coven Spell.

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