The Elements

Known as Forces of Nature, everything is made up of the five sacred elements, including humans, the environment, animals, and the universe. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, around us always, energies to be worked with, in magick and in everyday life. Without the elements, we could not exist.

So in Wicca & Witchcraft, where do the Elements fit in? Well as Wicca or Witchcraft is a nature religion and the Elements are natural forces outside and inside us, it makes perfect sense that we would call on them when we were in the need of one or all of their energies. For instance, Earth is our grounding Element. How many of you have felt a bit down and have had the need to go out into the grass, bare footed, or to hug a tree or get into the garden and really play with the earth? This is a form of grounding, helping your body and being to reconnect to the energies that the Earth has to offer.

The act of jumping into the ocean, shower or bath to cleanse, not only for the obvious physical reasons because one is slightly unfavorable in their scent, but because water is a cleanser on all levels. When the physical body is tired and you feel you need a lift, a bath can help change that level of consciousness. Just like standing in the rain, works wonders for relationship upsets. All that upset, getting rinsed off you and going into the earth where it can no longer affect you, and the wonderful thing about it, is that the Earth element will dissipate any residue energies naturally. Standing on a beach on a sunny day or in a forest by a waterfall contains all the elements.

Everything has a natural rhythm, the ocean waves, the seasons and the moon. Your body is no different and the human body that we inhabit consists of the Elements also. Air as in our breath, Fire is our temperature, this has to be at a certain level to maintain well-being. Water, our blood and bodily fluids and Earth is our structure, while Spirit is our Divine being of which everything connects. So it is only natural that these energies that are within us are also everywhere around us.

Now do remember that for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, our symbols for North and South will differ from that of the Northern Hemisphere. This is due to the fact that our North is ruled by Fire and our South is ruled by the Earth Element. The following is a basic chart that you may like to follow. 


Direction East North West South All
Colour Yellow Red Blue Green All colours
Moon Waxing  Full Moon Waning Dark All moon phases
Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter All seasons
Animals All bird, feathered and flight creatures. All big cats, cats, lions, panther, tigers and dragons. All marine life, crabs, fish, sea creatures and water based mammals. All animals of the earth, bear, dog, serpent and wolf. All animals.



Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. All zodiac signs.
Deity All Air and Communication Deity. Hermes, Athena, Mercury, Thor. All Fire and Sun Deity. Apollo, Bast, Bel, Brigid, Hel, Hades. All Water and Love Deity. Neptune, Poseidon. All Earth and Agricultural Deity. Ceres, Cernunnos, Demeter, Dionysus, Gaia. All Deity.
Elemental Sylphs. Salamanders. Undines. Gnomes. All
Energies Communication, intellect, rational thought and scent. Courage, creativity, desire, inspiration, passion, sex, strength and will power.

Dreams, emotions, flow, intuition, love and relationships.

Foundations, grounding, physicality, protection, prosperity and work. The doorway to all realms, initiation, spiritual growth, transformation and visions. 
Gender Masculine. Masculine. Feminine. Feminine. All.
Magickal Tool Wand. Athame. Chalice. Pentacle. Cords and pentacle.
Symbols Clouds, feathers, incense, weather vanes, wind chimes and wings. Blade, candles, fire, flames, lamps, the Sun and volcanoes. All waterways, beach, cauldron, chalice, cups, gardens, hearts, ice, mirrors, sea, shells, snow, silver and wells. Caves, coins, crystals, herbs, metal, mountains, pentacles, rocks, stone, trees and wood. 

All animals, pentacle, pentagram, threads and webs.

Tarot Suite



Staff or Wands.


Chalice or Cups.


Discs or Pentacles. 































AIR - East

The Element of Air sits in the direction of the East and is usually starts when casting the magick circle. East is where the Sun rises, the beginning of a new day so therefore it symbolizes new beginnings. It is also the first element called on when beginning most magick, we all need knowledge and wisdom when starting a spell, so Air is a perfect element to start with. Its energies of travel also help move things along so to speak. 


FIRE - North

The element of Fire is called on for not only the above attributes but also for cleansing, purification and protection. Fire is in the direction of the North, our place of greatest warmth within the Southern hemisphere. As we go around the circle, (started in the East-Air) we ask Fire to bring forth the inspiration and creativity to work within our spells, magick and path workings.


WATER - West

For centuries water has been used as an asperger within magick circles. That is, to cleanse the area before work can take place. This element also is used to wash afflicted patients, to cleanse away negativity, to nourish our crops and to offer fluid to a thirsty soul. When we call on the element of water, we are asking for flow in our magick, so that the spell will follow the direction it is sent, without mishap. However if your magick and emotions are everywhere, you may end up creating a tidal wave as opposed to a gentle stream! As water is symbolic of emotions, it is important that we have them ‘under tap’ so to speak. The direction of West is ruled by the Water element.


EARTH - South

It is with this element that we ground all magick including ourselves. When we have been working in other realms doing magick, healing or meditation, we may have had such wonderful experiences that we would prefer to be there rather than in the ‘here and now,’ so we must ground ourselves. To do this one can partake in ‘cakes and ale’ (this is used during rituals) or simple by eating some food and perhaps having a glass of water or juice. Alternately you may choose to just go out and stand on the earth or the age old hippy saying of ‘go hug a tree,’ it really works! This helps your energies reconnect to the ground, a solid, dependable and stable element. When spell working, it is this element that helps to ground the spell and the energies within it, otherwise it would be flying around all over the cosmos. The Earth element will stabilize the intent made when we started the spell or magick in the East-Air direction.



Our universal spiritual self, the connection to All including animals and the spirit realm of our ancestors. Our spirit, our life force, forever trying to bring peace and enlightenment. All Magick requires the Elements, well in fact everything we do requires one or more. The overall symbol of Wicca and the Elements within Wicca, which many of you will be familiar with is the Pentacle. The five pointed star is called a Pentagram. These five points represent the five elements. When the star is encompassed in a circle it is then called a Pentacle. The Pentacle is widely used within Wicca as a talisman of protection and symbolic of the Earth, even though all the elements are within.


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