Terms & Conditions


The Customer is a buyer who is purchasing goods/products from this website.

Products are any of the goods/products listed on this website.

The Seller is Wycksted Ltd who owns this website.

The Website is Wycksted with the URL www.wycksted.co.nz

Pricing and Information

All pricing and information on our website, shopping cart and checkout are in New Zealand dollars.

All stated pricing is subject to change. The Seller reserves the right to do so due to product, delivery and postage price changes and other extenuating circumstances.

All orders in New Zealand will include GST. Products sent outside New Zealand may incur duty and other taxes relevant to the destination country. The Customer will be responsible for any additional costs that may occur or the possibility of customs not letting items into some countries. 

While the Seller makes every attempt to ensure that the website is accurate and includes up-to-date information, the Seller makes no warranties as to the websites accuracy. Every effort is also made with the product images, however they are intended as a guide only. The Seller assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors in product images, omissions or information in the content on the website. 

From time to time, one of our Wycksted cats may stand in as a photo model, they are not intended for sale or exploitation, merely they are enjoying the grand recognition that a cat truly deserves.

Placing an order

By placing an order from this website you are agreeing to purchase the product.  Orders can be made on our website, via email or phone order. Please be sure to include the item, code and quantity if ordering via email or phone.

From time to time, a product may not be available. If this is the case we will contact you and should any monies have already been paid in respect of the product we may offer you the following:

·       Refund monies paid for the unavailable product.

·       The same amount of monies paid to be used on another product in stock. If the cost exceeds the total of the previous item then the Customer will pay the difference.

·        The unavailable item to be re-ordered if possible and then sent to the Customer at a later date. If this is the case, any postage on this will be at the Sellers cost.

·        A store credit of the monies paid to be used next time you shop with us.


All payments are to be made in New Zealand Dollars. Options are through the Paypal secure online banking system, Internet Banking or on occasion, cash when picking orders up directly from Wycksted.

Exchange Rates

Prices for International orders will be converted when paying through Paypal using Paypal’s currency exchange rate at the time.


If the order and payment is accepted the product will be delivered at the expense of the Customer and to the address that has been provided by the Customer and without liability to the Seller.

We use New Zealand postal services and couriers where required. An email will be sent to let you know when the goods will or have been sent and their estimated time of arrival. The Seller will not be responsible nor accept liability for any parcels late in delivery, damaged or lost once they have been shipped. If for some reason your parcel has not arrived within the given time frame please contact us to let us know as soon as possible. In order for us to lodge an inquiry for any missing items, we need to know within ten days of your parcel not arriving. 

Please note, as we are rural, deliveries may take longer than usual.

For International deliveries some countries may not accept goods such as various herbs and essential oils. Please be sure to contact your local customs office to see what products are allowed into your country and those that are not before making your purchase. Once you are clear with the information given by them and make an order with us, we will then email/contact you to let you know the cost of shipping your parcel/goods to the designated country. Any costs such as importation or duty tax, and other costs that incur will be at the Customers expense. We will not be responsible for any items that are not allowed to enter into your country.

Return of Damaged Goods

If for some reason the goods are faulty then you must let us know within 24 hours of receiving the damaged item. We will then discuss with you the best course of action.

The damaged item will need to be returned to us in the condition in which it was received. You may need to take the item to your nearest Post Shop with a return to sender note on it. Our return address will be on the packaging. If you are asked to pay return postage then this will be refunded back to you. Please note: this will only include standard post costs and the total of the post in which it was sent to you.

Once we have the item back you will then be sent a replacement if possible, refunded for the cost of the damaged item or given a store credit to be used next time you purchase with us.

All care will have gone into our packaging but once an item/parcel leaves here it is out of our control.

Exchange Items

Please ensure you are happy with your choice of product before purchasing and payment. We will not refund nor replace items because you have changed your mind or have chosen incorrect sizing, colour or other.


It is at the Sellers discretion to make any changes to products, information, costs, terms and conditions. It is the Customers responsibility to read any updates when they use the website. These changes will be posted on the website.

Our Products

All of our Herbs and Essential oil blends are sold for your usage, whether it be for their aroma, mystical and/or magical purposes. We do not claim them to be 100% successful or effective.

We also do not recommend that any Herbs or Essential oils should be used for self-help if you suffer from allergies, are pregnant, breast feeding and/or are taking any medications. Some Essential oils and herbs may cause irritation and / or skin rashes.

Wycksted Limited does not take any responsibility for products used once they have been purchased and are no longer on our premises. All products are then used and distributed at the discretion of the Customer.

We are not qualified Doctors or Naturopaths nor claim to be, so if you are unsure, please consult your Doctor, herbalist or Naturopath before going ahead with any self-help treatments. We do not consider these same products for use on/or by children. We also ask that adult supervision is given to persons under the age of 18 years when using our products.

Use of our Website

Although we are more than happy for you to refer to our website and/or information we ask that you do not download, modify, transmit or use it for public or commercial gain and/or purposes.

We are not responsible for the person/persons who use our website or for any unsupervised children and what they may choose to do with any of our information.



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