Rose Quartz Pendulum

An ancient method of Divination used by many civilizations as a means for searching for water, minerals, and of interpreting energy fields that vibrate between the human body and the outside world or other realms. Pendulums come in all sizes and are made from various metals including nickel, brass, crystal and wood. They should be cleansed after being used and placed into a box or wrapped in a cloth specifically for them, away from any other Divination tools.

Rose Quartz helps to attune to energies of unconditional love and peace. It calms and reassures, bringing inner healing and removing unnecessary fear and upsets. Opens the Heart Chakra and helps to teach one the true essence of love. Emotionally Rose Quartz helps to remove unexpressed emotions and heartache that we do not need and helps to soothe and strengthen our heart area.

This pendulum is set is silver coloured cast metal, approx. 4cm in length plus chain.

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