Ametrine Mini Crystal Ball 20mm

Crystal Balls have been used by many for purposes of divination, enlightenment healing, magick, spellcasting, witchery and as holy objects of power. The Ametrine Crystal Ball is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine.

Energies includes protection in general and also when one is practicing the arts of astral travel and divination. Ametrine brings balance and insight into any given situation, enhances our creativity and helps to dispel fears, stresses and negative emotions. Witchy note, although this is a mini Ametrine ball (20mm) do not underestimate its power and energies for they are vast and wide. And always keep the Witches Rede in mind when working. 

Please note your Ametrine crystal ball may differ from the one shown as all are unique and just as beautiful. 

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