Herbs of the Goddess Pack of 4

Four packs of organic herbal blends to honour the four phases of the Goddess. Maiden, Mother, Maga and Crone. All herbs can be added to balefire, bathbags, herb talsimans, incense, offerings and sachets.

The Maiden is the Goddess that brings us new ideas, beginnings, youth, playfulness and symbolic growth within our lives. Use these herbs in any New or Waxing Moon magick and rituals including birth, blessings, initiations and new beginnings. 20gm pack organic herbs.
The Mother is the one who looks after the children including animals, the crops and land. She is the divine teacher, the high Priestess and we can learn much from her. Use these herbs in any Full Moon magick and rituals and to help with childbirth, fertility, fruition, abundance, motherhood issues, strength and teachings. 15gm pack organic herbs.
The Maga is the Goddess who has looked after her family, kith and kin and now finds herself ready to regain her own life back, if she has not already of course. Her season is Autumn, the moon of Full to Waning and the colour brown. 20gm pack organic herbs.
The Crone is the Goddess that leads us through the veil between life and death. These herbs are ideal for use in any Waning or Dark Moon magick, banishing, divination, mysteries, protection, past life working and to help remove negativity in general. 20gm organic herbs
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