Full Moon and Willow Tree

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So the week to date…

A rather eventful week especially with the new website and having to learn new technology, gadgets and other, but with the help of chocolate, rescue remedy and good coffee (fruit and veg as well of course!) I seem to be maintaining my sanity. There has been a few hiccups along the way and no doubt a few more while we go, but they are being addressed when they arise so hopefully you are all enjoying the new website as am I. I have yet to learn the concept of the Mail Chimp system to be able to confidently send out a newsletter so I have a little ways to go with that yet, will keep you posted.

A witchy-poo friend popped in to stay over, up for the Fleetwood mac concert she decided to make a night stay to catch up, in which we had not seen each other for years. Had to laugh as she had a rental car with a sat-navy thingy on her but managed to get lost and spent a few hours following gravel roads out in the hills way yonder where there is very limited mobile phone coverage. Now back in my day, we used a map or asked a friendly local where to go. Just goes to show that modern tech is not always what it is cut out to be.  She also arrived with a few dozen ornaments of Witches and a good witches dozen of fantastic books. With her preferring the modern Kindle system, I made out like a banshee with the books she did not want, even included a first edition Doreen Valiente book, I was a very happy Witch indeed.

One of our Wycksted cats, Kiddy Pops developed a urinary ailment so was taken off to the vets much to his disgust. Vet check, medication and a plate of fresh snapper later and he seems to be on the mend although he is being well monitored for urinary output until given the all clear.  My days of being a Vet Nurse certainly help in these matters, but never easy when one of your own is not well or under the weather. Older neutered cats and those a little over-weight can be susceptible to urinary complaints, infections and irritations every now and again. Prevention is always better than cure but in some instances these things still arise. A good balanced diet with natural ingredients, less proteins and less processed foods always help and with humans as well. As I write, Kiddy Pops is given me ‘the look.’

Wild weather including thunder and lightning was with us for several days, a few power cuts and surprisingly the phone stayed in order. Usually when it rains our phone gives up the ghost and literally loses interest with itself and connection to the outside world. Not always a bad thing!  The garden was pretty drenched and a few trees lost limbs but we got through it while snuggling inside under cover amongst cats and possums.


The Full Moon is upon us tonight, 26/11/15. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. At Full Moon celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. All spellwork comes under the influences of the Full Moon three days prior and three days after.

Xochhiquetzal is an Aztec Goddess. This magical Moon Goddess is the deity of the Full Moon, flowers, spring, sex, love, and marriage. She was the wife of storm God Tlaloc. She is also the patroness of artisans, prostitutes, pregnant women and birth.

Full Moon bath Brew

When the moon is in its full phase and remember you have three days either side in which you can harness these energies, a soak in a hot bath is just what the Moon Goddess ordered. Fill the tub with warm to hot water and then add the following that has been mixed together. These ingredients will help you attune to the energies of the Moon so great prior to any Sabbats.

½ c fresh cow’s milk, full fat of course

1 Tbsp lemon juice, don’t worry if it curdles!

3 drops white wine

The blossoms from a white rose or carnation

Stir the ingredients in well and then light a white candle that has been inscribed with a Full Moon symbol, a circle is ideal. The candle can also be anointed with your favourite oil as well or perhaps have some incense burning that will help you relax. Stay in the bath to soak for as long as possible but at least 15 minutes minimum before getting out.


Information from the Wycksted Magickal Apothecary.

The herb for this week is the Willow.  I love the way they sway and are so graceful, yet strong and protective. Our Willow trees stand on the banks of a stream and are gloriously laden with their greenness. Currently housing kingfishers, pukekos, sparrow and the odd hawk they are a busy tree along the bird highway. Although Willow usually comes under rule of the Waning and Dark Moons, to gaze upon the Willow under the glow of the Moon in her full aspect is indeed magickal and worthy of all witchery and spell crafting.

‘Willow branch that waves so light, gentle wood that sees me right,

golden hair that falls to the ground, ever gently without a sound.''

Botanical Name - Salix alba

Other Names - White Willow, Celtic Sallie, Witches Aspirin, Salicyn, Tree of Enchantment, Withe, Withy, Osier.

Family - Salicaceae    


A deciduous tree, grown from cuttings in spring. A large tree with a rough greyish bark, the twigs being brittle at the base, the leaves are pubescent on both surfaces and finely serrulate; it hybridizes with other species of Salix, it blooms from spring to summer and the bark is easily separable throughout the summer. The Willow flourishes in any moist situation, it is frost resistant but drought tender. Planted by the water, the Willow will be very happy and will guard the home. The Flowers are long and yellow with green pendants called Catkins.

Gender - Feminine . 

Planet - Moon.

Element -   Water.     

Deity - Circe, Ceres, Hecate, Artemis, Persephone, the Crone, Mercury, Belinus.   

HarvestingThe bark collected from young branches during the growing period. The active constituent Salicin is highest in spring and summer and at its lowest in winter. Parts used are mainly the bark and leaves.

Magickal EnergiesIt is said that the Willow will uproot itself and run after people, now that is a scary thought!  Willows energies also include love, divination, protection, healing, crafting, death, immortality, lust reducing. The wood is used for wands and basket making. The leaves are added to all manner of magick spells, incense and sachets and Besoms are bound by willow branches. The Willow is also seen as having energies of immortality as you can grow a new tree from the smallest branch or cutting.

Culinary - Not usually.

MedicinalWillow was one of the first herbs to be scientifically investigated and in the 19th century a French Chemist, Henri Leroux extracted the active constituent and named it ‘salicine.’ The compound in aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid is derived from salicylic acid. White willow is used much the same as aspirin, to reduce fevers, pain, and inflammation.Culpeper says the leaves stay the heat of lust in man or woman and quite extinguished it, if it be long used, the seed also has the same effect, 1653. Willow is also used as a tonic, antiperiodic and astringent. It has been used in dyspepsia connected with debility of the digestive organs. In convalescence from acute diseases, in worms, in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, its tonic and astringent combination renders it very useful.

Precautions - Willow bark is not recommended for use when pregnant.

Willow Wreaths

Make the Willow wreath and depending on the task at hand choose various herbs and herbal sachets to decorate it with. For a Love Wreath add willow leaves or bark, lady’s mantle and lavender to the mix along with pink ribbons, a Protection wreath could have herbs such as parsley, sage, violet and cinnamon with a small pentagram attached to the wreath. A healing wreath could be with rosemary, pine, tea tree and leave the willow leaves on when you make the wreath itself and a Happiness wreath could include all your favourite herbs, sachets and other decorations. There are so many various ideas here so choose what you would like to do and follow your charts for the corresponding herbs.



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