Spring Equinox

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September 23rd - Southern Hemipshere.

The Spring Equinox is known as a Quarter Day or a ‘Lesser Sabbat,’ but certainly by no means lesser than any of the other seven Sabbats in the Witches year. The other four Lesser or Quarter Days are the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

The Spring Equinox is one of the two times that nature, for only a split second balances, making day equal night. The other occasion when this happens is during the Autumn Equinox. 

 From here on in the days will grow longer, the nights shorter until the Autumn equinox where we will once again achieve the seconds of complete balance before losing our days to longer nights.

The Goddess is a young maiden, full of life and curiosity. As the young God watches her he is mesmerized by her laughter and love of nature. With his power of the warming Sun, he joins her and together they bring about new life and regeneration to the lands.

For us their magickal embrace of Spring is all around. You can feel it in the air as the breezes pass through our subtle bodies, the sun as His gentle warmth radiates into our being offering healing and vitality, the rain as it washes over us and the earth as the promise of new life emerges itself from the depths of Mother earth herself.  Yet while we frolic the path of Spring we should already be looking to the Harvest.

As a Witch or follower of the old ways and the seasonal wheel, the Spring is a season of preparation in anticipation for the coming harvests. Even though these two seasons are halfway apart on the wheel, it is now that we must sow seeds, plant vegetables and herbs. 

Bless this Home Sachet

Take a small handful of lavender, the thinly chopped peel from one lemon and orange, a sprinkling of Caraway seeds and Basil and place into a round of material. This mix can be divided into three sachets or a large one. Tie with yellow thread. Place a sachet over each entrance of the home to encourage positive energies. Can also be placed in barns, garage, stables and kennels. The sachet can be replaced when needed, discard old sachet by burying into the earth.


Air element, all birds, balance of nature and forces, baskets, bulbs, bumblebees, butterflies, east, eggs, feathers, gardening, growth, hares, horses, ladybugs, new birth and beginnings, planning, planting, ploughs, rabbits, renewal, resurrection, ribbons, rising sap, seeds, spring cleaning, sprouts, sun rise, weather vane.


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