Merry Meet to 2016

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Merry meet to a new calendar year, filled with all sorts of hope, magick and new beginnings. I hope you have all done the festive season proud and are taking some time out for yourselves in amidst it all.  Make sure pets are well provided for in this hot weather, especially when travelling or left indoors. And don’t forget about yourselves, Slip, slop, slap - on with sunscreen and a witches hat!


2016 is a number 9 year. 2+0+1+6 = 9. Nine is the number of completion, rest, about endings, finishing’s and forgiveness. With every ending there is a beginning and let’s hope that our karma is in order as we may be receiving a few lessons in that department! Projects, work, house renovations, jobs and even relationships may come full circle during this year.


The month January is named after the Roman God, Janus. Janus (or Lanus) is God of gates, doors and doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January which begins the New Year. Janus was usually depicted with two heads facing in opposite directions. According to a legend, he had received from the God Saturn in reward for the hospitality received, the gift to see both future and past.

Many begin their new year according to the Gregorian calendar as the change takes place on the stroke of midnight December 31st/January 1st. This calendar is the most widely and internationally used calendar in our modern times. Also known as the Western calendar and/or the Christian calendar it was named from Pope Gregory XIII (Love the Roman numeral number!) who introduced it in 1582 and it has been a keeper of important dates, appointments, work, life and play, birthdays, festivals and celebrations ever since.

There are of course many, many other calendars such as the Chinese calendar, a Lunisolar calendar where they have the Year of the Dragon, Tiger, Ox and so forth of which many of you will know about, there is the Mayan calendar, Hindu calendar and hundreds if not thousands of other calendars throughout the world, past and present.  

For us personally, we do not start our new year until the stroke of midnight, Samhain or April 30th – May 1st down here in New Zealand. Samhain is when the thresholds are at their thinnest, where the realms of this and the afterlife meet and intertwine easily together. It is the time between times and when we walk forward to greet death, to move through it and to emerge out the other side ready to begin a new year, a new day and symbolically a rebirth if you will. Many Pagans, Wiccan and Druids also choose to begin their New Year at Yule (Winter Solstice) to when the Sun God or ‘Sun’ is reborn of the Goddess.



Following are some superstitions regarding New Year’s no matter what calendar or date you celebrate it.

  • One should run through the house on New Year’s Eve opening and banging shut all the doors. This is to frighten away the old year and allow the new one to enter. Likewise making plenty of noise as you walk room from room, bang pots and lids, beat drums and any other noisy objects to rid one of the old year and bring in the new.
  • To see many Black cats together on this eve or day was a very favorable charm unless of course you were a Puritan!
  • Always ensure you have bread in your pantry or larder. Bread is the sustainer of life, therefore is said to help ensure their will be food for the coming year. I like to ensure that the pantry also has a good supply of veg, fruit, honey, eggs, ale, good chocolate and even plenty of food for the animals so their year is filled with treats and good meals.  
  • The meal you eat on the eve or day will denote your future, eat well and live well, eat badly…
  • Hang a small bag with shiny coins outside your front door to allow wealth to enter. The coins can be in any domination but your choice. I like to have a mix of coins from my favourite countries, a Witch has to have currency options!
  • The first footer, the one who passes through your threshold on the midnight hour should be dark haired and walk through the house in silence as he goes room to room to bring good luck to the occupants.
  • The first person to enter the house on the day of New Year’s should always ensure that they take a gift such as honey, whiskey or bread.
  • What you are doing or how you are will usually determine how the following year will be. However I like to think that we have free will over this and can change anything we choose, but it is good to think upon and makes us perhaps revalue what we have and rethink what we are doing.
  • In 1849, it was believed that something must always come into the house first before something is taken out. It was usually a piece of coal, bread or a silver coin and this was left outside under the eaves, threshold or buried into the garden.
  • In 1764 it was said that no one should work upon this day, well we have certainly changed there!

So in a Witches nut-shell it seems that we should not work on this day at all, but eat well and make merry, including lots of noise, send the old year packing and bring in the New Year with absolute raucous cackling fun, sounds good to me.  



A piece of parchment or good quality paper

Calligraphy pen or ink pen

Black thread about 1 metre in length

Small balefire or somewhere where you can throw the bundle into the flames

Write out anything that you would like to let go of, this includes old habits, negative circumstances, bad energy or memories, upsets, traumas, grief and so forth. Just write them down as many as you want and in your best hand and if you need more paper then do so. Once written fold the paper into as many folds as it will take then wind the thread around it while saying;

‘This paper holds what I no longer need, be gone, away, please hear my plead. I let in love to come my way, with strength and courage by night and day.’

Once all the thread has nearly been wound around the paper then tie it three times to secure it and throw it into the balefire. (Ensure the fire is safe as there are fire bans on in New Zealand at the time of December – March) Let the flames devour it and transform its energy into the ether to where it will be dealt with, giving you space in which to work through and move forward in this life.  



For more guidance on the year to come Birth and Astrology Charts and reports are available by email/pdf.

Contact: Raewyn Collins
DMASNZ (Diploma Member Astrology Society New Zealand)

[email protected]

Raewyn has also put together the New Zealand Witchy Lunar Calendar for 2016 and it is now available for purchase. Limited print so be in quick. Calendar $20.00 each.


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