Herbs of the God 4 pack

Four packs of organic herbal blends to honour four phases of the God. The Green Man, Hunter/Warrior, Solar God and Grandfather Sage. All herbs can be added to the balefire, bathbags, herb talismans, incense, offerings and sachets.

These herbs are to help one attune to the Green Man also known as the Horned God and consort to the Goddess/Lady of the Woods. 20gm pack organic herbs.

These herbs of the Hunter/Warrior God offer positive energies of courage, defense, protection, resilience, spiritual healing of old wounds, stealth, strength, visions to help see ones way ahead and to help face adversity when needed. 20gm pack organic herbs.

This herbal blend is to help one attune to the Solar God and his energies of courage, creativity, happiness, healing, protection, strength and vitality. 20gm pack organic herbs.

These herbs are to help one attune to the energies and wisdoms of the Grandfather Sage. This includes helping to banish old and negative habits, to learn the ancient ways, protection, to honour spirit, death and rebirth. Ideal to help honour the Old Gods and Gods of death and rebirth.  20gm pack organic herbs.

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