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We are currently updating our pictures so if you are wondering why there are no dried herbs to see, that would be why. Rest assured our herbs are still available and dried. 

While many of our herbs are grown here at Wycksted, we also endeavor to supply good quality herbs and spices from various reputable suppliers from around the world. Our herbs are organic or wild harvested. All herbs and spices are packaged in 10 or 20 gram bag sizes, unless otherwise stated. Each packet comes with information regarding their Magickal use. Seeds are also available and we also sell bulk herbs and spices. Please contact us with your requirements.

Please note - The information given about our herbs and spices, barks and seeds is aimed to give the Apothecary Witch various insights into ancient and magickal practices that are available to those who wish to seek them. The information given is not intended to take place of any medical advice, prescriptions, medications or practitioner treatments that are currently ongoing or being sorted out via any other profession. We will not accept any liability for those who misuse any information given in our notes or website. We are not qualified Herbalists or Medical Practitioners nor do we claim to be.


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