Bast Medium

Beautiful Bast Statue. In Ancient Egypt, Bast (Bastet) the cat-headed goddess represented a powerful aspect of the Sun, life-giving, pleasure, joy, music, dance, health, healing, the Moon and of course, Cats.  At her city, Bubastis, all cats were considered divine. The Temples were full of them, and they were cared for by a special group of Priestesses. Those who harmed or killed a cat were put to death. When Egyptian cats died, they were taken to certain cities to be mummified and to be prepared for life in the afterworld. Bast, a symbol of Cat lovers and devotees worldwide. Statue is made from polyresin and stands approx 37cm high x 19cm at the base. .

All proceeds from the purchase of this item go towards the Cats of Wycksted, so a big paws up for your support and purchase.

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