This 'Cat'agory is for all of those who have Felines close by be thy familiars or rulers of the household. Remember that Cats have staff and govern our actions, not the other way around. They are pretty awesome though.

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Wooden mdf sign with "Beware Attack Cat on duty.' 16cm x 14.5cm approx. Ideal for all Cat lovers. ..

In Ancient Egypt, Bast (Bastet) the cat-headed goddess represented a powerful aspect of the Sun, lif..

Tiny Bast charm of the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Ideal for all followers of Bast and Cat lovers eve..

Beautiful Black Cat statue, an ideal feline familiar to honour the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bast. A Bla..

Cats have long held a place in our hearts and mystical tales about them are often rich in symbolism...

Beautiful Black Cat cast door wedge to help keep those doors open when needed, alternately a great a..

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