Ogham Healing Wand

Ogham pronounced as ‘Oh-wam’ is a Celtic alphabet linked to the native trees of Britain. It is symbolised by vertical or horizontal variants to represent each of the various trees. These trees represent magick, healing, protection, strength and many more energies that have been utilised by Druids, Witches and magick folk since possibly the 1st century and earlier.  

This Ogham wand of Healing has been hand-crafted by Cerridwen, one of the Wycksted Witches. It is made from local hazel, a tree of divination and wisdom. The quartz tip helps bring clarity to the given situation. The Ogham trees included are Alder,  Apple, Birch, Holly and Ivy. Each wand will slightly differ as no two are alike. Approx 18cm in length.

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