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All of our Tumbled crystals and gemstones are individually chosen for their uniqueness. No two stones are alike and we will do our best to endeavor that the stone sent to you is of the best quality, suited for its purpose in your life. The smaller stones make it easy for one to carry them around with them, or add to crystal elixirs, charms and talismans.

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A protecting stone that enhances psychic abilities, divination, spiritual awareness, meditation and ..

Apache Tears can help in times of grief or sorrow by helping to keep perspective, accept the grief a..

A stone for peace and healing, brings calmness to any situation and helps to activate and clear the ..

Bronzite is a protective and grounding stone that is used to restore harmony and self-confidence in ..

This stone works on the lower chakras, Sacral and Base. Carnelian helps to ground the body on all le..

A grounding and protecting stone of expansion, strength and confidence that helps to harmonise mind,..

A beautiful gentle stone that helps bring healing and mental clarity to oneself. Enhances creativity..

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