Sachets and Spell Pouches

Spell Pouches and Sachets have been and are still used for all manner of magick. Placed in the home or worn on the person as amulets of protection, healing, courage and all other manner of crafting over the centuries, they have certainly earned a reputation. Our Herbal spell pouches and sachets have been made with a positive intent in mind. By using the finest ingredients and magick by way of the planetary hours, Moon phases and colour, these little herbal gems come packaged in material bags with instructions for use.

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This sachet has been made in honour of the Cat Goddess Bast and her beautiful feline child..

The Fae are nature spirits and Elementals that reside all around us and throughout the many realms. ..

This sachet has been made to honour the Lammas Grain Gods, the first harvest, to enhance abundance i..

To encourage feelings of love for oneself and to help draw positive energies of love towards you. ..

To help bring a little richness into your life. remember that riches come in many ways and always be..

This sachet contains Spring herbs that have the positive energies of new beginnings, fertility and b..

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