Bath Brews

Bathing whether for ritual, cleansing or healing should be a time of relaxation. Light candles and create a serene atmosphere as you soak in the energies of soaps, bath bags and other items. Allow the magic of herbs, spices and essential oils to do their work. This is also a time for reflection, a chance to remove negativity and upsets from the body on all levels.

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Add to baths to help attune to the positive qualities of the Air Element. Encourages rational though..

Add to bath to encourage positive loving energies on all levels. Can also be used with your partner ..

To help attune to the positive aspects of the Earth Element. Ideal to use where grounding and balanc..

Add to baths to invoke the positive energies of the Fire Element, such as passion, creativity and st..

Mermaids are aquatic beings that represent the realms of a human and water due to their appeara..

Add to your bath to encourage the positive energies of the Element of Spirit into your being. To hel..

A selection of herbs and Witches salt to enhance creativity, courage, strength and the fire within.&..

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