Wylde Woman Workshop

Workshop - Working with the Goddess in Wicca and reclaiming the Wylde Woman within.


When - Saturday November 10th 2018

Cost - $90.00. Includes workshop notes, crafts made during the day and morning/afternoon tea.


Goddess worship goes back to the Stone Age, more than 35,000 years ago. The Great Goddess or Great Mother as she was also known, was the central icon to the society and lives of the tribal people of these times. To them the deity was female, the importance of the crops and fertility within the land, the people and the animals and was paramount to their survival.

Thus, this female life-giving and mother creatrix was considered as divine and of great mystery and honour. This was a time when male and female were treated equally, society followed a matriarchal system and children took their mothers names. Women domesticated animals, learnt how to grow plants, developed medicines, divination, and other types of arts and crafts including poetry, pottery and weaving. It was the female elders that passed the laws within the community that kept the people in harmony. Life was also based on the lunar cycles and not the solar calendar.

Sadly as the modern world engulfs us with its material temptations, work overloads and family commitments, including traumatic and stressful relationships for some, all too often the women begins to lose her identity, her Wylde Woman aspect and thus that of her connection to the land, the Goddess and especially that Goddess energy that lies deep within. This workshop is for the woman who would like to reclaim her own Goddess energy, to reconnect to her Wylde Woman spirit and that of the ancient ones.

In Wicca or the ‘Craft of the Wise,’ there are many phases of the Goddess and we will cover the Triple aspect of her as in the Maiden Goddess that brings us new ideas, beginnings, youth, playfulness and symbolic growth within our lives. She represents the waxing moon, the physical stage of puberty in humans, childhood and the colour white.

The Mother Goddess is the one who looks after the children, the crops and land. She is the divine teacher, the High Priestess and we can learn much from her. The Mother Goddess represents the Full Moon, fertility, childbirth, fruition, strength and the colour red.

The Crone Goddess that leads us through the veil between life and death. Through her we can prepare for our own journey. She represents the waning moon, reincarnation, death, preparation, wisdom mysteries, prophesies, menopause and the colour black.

We will also learn about the following:

Various Goddesses throughout the Wiccan world, vision work, soul retrieval, the energies of the moon, animal totems, divination, crystals, herbs and as much as we can fit into the timeframe.


What to bring

A Journal or paper and a pen, a small plate of food to share for lunch, comfortable socks or slippers to wear, a pillow or blanket if you would like to, a sense of humour and an open mind.


For more information or an enrollment, please contact us at: school@wycksted.co.nz




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