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Wycksted and the School of Witchery is based in a once used farm building now affectionately known as Hemlock House or Wycksted HQ. This area includes the shop, workshop teaching space, a kitchen and the herb room.

It is a place to bring Witchcraft or Wicca as some like to refer to it, to the like-minded, to those not knowing where to start or for those who have once again come home to the old ways. We offer these courses, workshops and meets in a natural environment and a sacred space amidst Kaipara's farmland and wildlife. A place where one can reclaim their ancient Pagan spirit with clan and kin. To be yourself and dance in the light, create magick and be a Witch…



The Wycksted School of Witchery takes a break over January and August  but enrollments will still be taken and someone will be here to answer any queries you may have so although we do take a break we are never far away.  

Our Terms for 2019 are as follows:

February 1st - July 31st. 

September 1st - December 31st



June 1st
July 1st
September 1st
October 1st 
November 1st
December 1st


June 1st
July 1st
September 1st
October 1st 
November 1st
December 1st


To be advised.


Yule - June 13th
Imbolc - July 13th
Spring Equinox - September 13th
Beltane - October 13th
Summer Solstice - December 13th 

For more information or an Enrollmentyou can contact us at: school@wycksted.co.nz



WORKSHOPS FOR 2019 - To be Advised.

Updates will be posted on our website and newsletters will be sent out. All workshops are held on a Saturday 9.30am until 4pm except in Winter when we finish at 3pm and at Hemlock House pictured above. Seats are limited so bookings and payments do need to be made at least two weeks prior to each workshop if not earlier.

Hemlock House is set amidst trees and farmland, situated in Glorit, North of Auckland. It includes the workshop space, apothecary room, kitchen, the shop area and the all-important inhouse/outhouse. The garden outside has been started and this summer has a good selection of magickal and culinary herbs however this is to be extended and will soon include gardens specifically for medicinal herbs and some of the lesser known herbs for teaching purposes. 

Our workshops costs include crafts made during the day, beverages, light morning and afternoon teas, course notes and hopefully lots of fun and witchery. There are currently two teachers that work will you throughout the day during the workshops, myself and Cerridwen who is one of the Wycksted Witches. 

You will need to be 18 years or over to attend unless by prior arrangement. 

For more information you can contact us at - school@wycksted.co.nz
For General inquiries - info@wycksted.co.nz



This is an eclectic group of Witches, Pagans and the like where we get together and teach and learn various aspects of the Craft. Some have also gone on to do their 'year and a day' studies and initiations in Wicca. 

If you are interested in joining this group and being part of a Coven atmosphere, feel that you are dedicated and eager to learn, are 18 years or over then contact us to make a time to come up and meet us and see where you would like to go from there.

We get together on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

We do ask a donation of $5.00 per each meet that goes towards material used in crafting, beverages and and of course our Animal charities that we sponsor and donate to.

Contact - school@wycksted.co.nz



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