Wycksted School of Witchery

Wycksted and the School of Witchery is based in a once used farm building now affectionately known as Hemlock House or Wycksted HQ. This area includes the shop, workshop teaching space, a kitchen and the herb room.

It is a place to bring Witchcraft or Wicca as some like to refer to it, to the like-minded, to those not knowing where to start or for those who have once again come home to the old ways. We offer these courses, workshops and meets in a natural environment and a sacred space amidst Kaipara's farmland and wildlife. A place where one can reclaim their ancient Pagan spirit with clan and kin. To be yourself and dance in the light, create magick and be a Witch…



Over August and January we take a break from marking and sending out courses. It is usually the time when we plan for future works to be had and some wintery time-out as well.

Introductory to Wicca-Witchcraft Course
Next Starting Date - September 1st 2017

Green Witch Course
 Next starting Date - September 1st 2017 

The Seasonal Witch Course
Next Starting Date - Spring Equinox - September 13th 2017

The Magickal Apothecary Course
Next Starting Date - October 1st - 7th 2017





This is a monthly mailer that is sent out for a Witch’s year and dabbles in various topics pertaining to each month therein. For example, September being our month of Spring will include notes on the Spring Equinox, the Seed Moon, animals and herbs of the season, the witches calendar for September, the garden and more. The month of April will include Halloween fun and mischief along with activities and spells for the month as we cross the threshold into winter. December will honour the Summer Solstice, the fire element and Capricorn as it comes into the zodiac along with moons, herbal lore and more...

We hope that you will enjoy the year of information ahead of you and find the simple layout easy to work with and read. All notes are snippets from our online courses and workshops, memoirs, rites, daily life and our own Book of Shadows.

The Witches monthly will be sent out on the first of each month and will be via pdf so it is easily printed off to add to your own collection of studies. Twelve months and each month of the Witches year will include magickal notes on the following:

  • An animal and crystal of the month
  • Kitchen witchery and recipes
  • Moon magick
  • Sabbat and Season
  • Spell work and crafting  
  • The Apothecary
  • Witches Calendar
  • Zodiac
  • Along with witchy notes and pictures and whatever else comes our way...

Cost - $60.00. This covers twelve months of Witches Monthly's.

For more information or to sign up, please contact us school@wycksted.co.nz

  • August 26th - Meet and Greet 
  • September 9th - Magickal Apothecary, the Spring Formulaes.
  • October 7th - Wicca Witchcrafting.
  • November 18th - Wylde Woman 
  • December 2nd - Summer Solstice Workshop 


There are no meets in August or January.


Wicca Study Group

Date – Every first and third Wednesday of the month. No groups in January or August.

Time – 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Costs - To be advised


For more details you can contact us on: school@wycksted.co.nz

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