Wicca Study Group

This is an eclectic group of Witches, Pagans and the like where we get together and teach and learn various aspects of the Craft. Some have also gone on to do their 'year and a day' studies and initiations within the Coven. If you are interested in joining this group and being part of a Coven atmosphere, feel that you are dedicated and eager to learn, are 18 years or over then contact us to make a time to come up and meet us and see where you would like to go from there.


Cost - $5.00 each group. This donation goes towards material used such as apothecary work, crafting, candles, paperwork, beverages and of course the Animals that we sponsor and donate to.

Date – Every first and third Wednesday of the month. (No groups in August or January) 

Time – 9.30 – 12pm (However we are looking into an evening group if preferred)


For more information and a genuine interest please contact us: info@wycksted.co.nz


Picture of Hemlock House where our meets are held.


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