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Books we no longer require can in turn help and inspire another, this is where preloved books become a finders delight. Check out what we have to offer, remembering that these books have been used and will not always be in brand new condition. There will also be number of stock listed, once sold out, we may not receive another in preloved condition for some time. We may, however stock the same books in our "new" book listings.

All monies from our pre-loved and bargain books goes directly into our animal help fund so many thanks for your support and a big paws up from all our furry kith and kin.

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Traditional Indian healing for harmony and health. Paperback, 64 pages, 20x20cm. Colour pictures. Au..

Author – Lucy Summers. Be the most bewitching babe in town and weave a web of seduction wherever you..

Preloved book. Use the power of magic to bring love and harmony into your life with herbs, potions a..

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