Magickal Oyles

Magickal oyles and blends are the combination of natural herbs, plants, flowers, gums, resins and carrier oils with a specific Magickal intent in mind. Be it for healing, love or spiritual insight that you seek, oyles can open up a whole new dimension with their invoking scents and energies. 

Our Magickal Oyles have been made at Wycksted with full strength organic/natural and pure essential oyles and carrier oyles. They have been fashioned by use of the Witches Rede and blessings added for good measure as well as being conjured up during the corresponding timetables of the Moon phases, planetary hours, symbolic days and seasons. Please note, all oyles are for external use only.

If there is a particular Oyle that you would like made or have any queries regarding our oyles, please contact us:

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To help attune to the positive energies of the Water Element such as dream magic, love, healing, psy..

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