A collection of magickal fun and bewitchment to help with your Samhain and Halloween rites and celebrations as we step through the threshold and into Winter. Samhain is the Sabbat when ours and the Summerland join as one as the veil is at it's thinnest, we honour death and our ancestors and take this time to celebrate with the spirit world.
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Perfect to place on your Halloween altar or table setting. Mr H.W Ghost comes decorated with his bat..

Let Mr Pumpkinhead join you in your Halloween festivities. He's sure to add a cheesy grin to any cel..

Author – Edward Palmer. Some are frightful, others are fanciful, but all these pumpkin carving ..

Llewelyn Sabbat essentials no6. Samhain, also known as Halloween is the final spoke in the Wheel of ..

Halloween Spiderweb. Stretchable and includes fake spider. The more you stretch this stuff, the bet..

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