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The winner of our Bear Kit drawn August 2019 was N Major of Auckland. Congrats from us and the Bears.


The winner of this Witches dozen of herbs will be drawn midnight Sunday 15th September.



Please note, the shop is closed as we are currently in the throes of moving the Hemlock House shop into another building on our farm. Updates will be posted.

Email -
Phone 09 420 4644



Events to be advised...

Contact – Pete Wyatt
Phone -021 0572722
Email -



The scare attractions that make up Spookers Scream Park include: 

- The Haunted House is where victims flee from frightening apparitions in the old Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital. (Spookers is located in the nurses home of the old hospital) 
- The 'Hillbilly Hard' Freaky Forest of Fear which is a haunted horror forest full of crazed hillbillies and other mutants! 
- CornEvil is not just a walk in the corn. The Haunted Horror Corn Maze is the most exciting, adrenalin pumping, crazy entertainment possible in a field of corn. (seasonal summer) 
- And then it's 'Clowns'. For some reason, people are afraid of clowns, and “Disturbia” takes advantage of this fact with crazed, demented clowns and other weirdos popping out from everywhere. Two-times world champion graffiti artists Disruptiv created the astounding UV and 3D effects. 
- Claustrophobia is the final attraction and is over 10 metres of pitch-black crushing, squashing, and squeezing hell.

For the R.16 night time attractions make sure that everyone has ID (R16), sensible footwear and one torch between every six people for the outdoor attraction. No ID, no entry.

Spookers is located 833 Kingseat Road in the former Nurses Hostel in the Kingseat Hospital grounds, Karaka
Email - 

Phone - 09-291 9002



Milford, Pakuranga and Silverdale.

- Readings by Tracey
- Spirit Guides Portraits /Clairvoyant Art Readings with Irene
- Hands on Healing with Irene
- Tarot/Numerology Readings with Janice
- Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings with Ann Rynbeck
- Massage with Andrea
- Psychic/Mediumship Readings with Anne-Marie Williams
- Rapture Jewellery, Rings, Pendants and Earrings with Cat
- Tarot/oracle cards, books, tarot boxes & bags & jewellery by Clear Serendipity
- Crystals by Crystal Visions NZ

Please email if you would like to secure a booking with any of the amazing people listed above. This will be held weekly. Please watch weekly updates on Eventfinder, Trademe and Facebook of the exciting people being booked in weekly. Ensure to check dates and places in case of change of venue.

Contact -



Natural Earth and Holistic Fairs

We also run shows on the first Sat of each month, Feb through to Dec in Hamilton, one day shows, at the Glenview Community Hall cnr Tomin Rd and Glenview Tce.

For more details please contact:
07 8476780
027 454 2320



Pendragon is new group established for people interested in ancient history and star-lore. Pendragon members meet once per month at Stonehenge Aotearoa and at the Woolshed, Pukerua Bay. Programmes include storytelling – tales from antiquity from different cultures, lectures and/or movies related to navigation, weather systems, star lore, ancient history´, astronomy and, the ‘night sky´ - star and constellation recognition.

You have to be a Pendragon member to attend meetings. There is no membership fee but there is a cover charge per evening. To join phone 06 377 1600 or email



If you would like to advertise on our notice board, please let us know.



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