Magickal Apothecary Workshop Spring



The Spring Apothecary Workshop was held on September 9th 2017. Lots of herbal preps and formulaes were made, crafting to be had, a rather large and delicious lunch was shared along with lots of shrieks, laughter and cackles. Dates for 2018 are yet to be decided.


This is a Workshop designed to bring out the Magickal Apothecary in you.

Learn about the Moon and Seasonal cycles of Spring and the best time to bless seeds, plan the garden and begin planting. Discover the magickal properties of common and not so common herbs, spices, barks and resins. Learn about various formulae, elements, spell work and crafting. Make a herbal tonic, sachet, spring cleaning brew and more…

Dates for September 2018 to be advised.
Cost includes all crafts and formulae made during the workshop and notes.


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