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Our once named Magickal Apothecary course is having changes including a new name, format, information and other Witchy goodies to learn about. As this will take me some time, we hope to have it all re-written this this year.

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‘Step into the magickal realm of Herbal Lore. Learn how to conjure up charms, talismans and elixirs based on the ancient Craft of the wise.’

This is an Online Course that is designed to bring out the Magickal Apothecary in you. Learn about the Moon and Seasonal cycles and the best times to harvest herbs and how to dry and store them for later use. Discover the magickal properties of common and “not so common” herbs, spices, barks and resins. Learn about potions and lotions, brews, incense, sachets, oil, powders, spellwork and more. Herbs for protection, healing, love…Each course also covers various herbs of the season and their use along with recipes & formulae that you can easily make from the comfort of your own home.

Learn the importance of Herbal Grimoires and monographs, measures, weights, timelines, apothecaries, herbalists and  more...Study about the equipment used, planetary charts of the Apothecary, magickal ettiquette, enchanting herbs and how to make many potions and formulae yourself including incense, salts, teas and more...Celtic and Nordic Herbs for your pantry and witchy stores, herbs of Animals, the Sabbats and the Witch of long ago. 

In the Spring course you will learn about sowing seeds and plants, blessings, preparing the magickal garden, enchanting herbs and more. The Summer Course will be about the flourishing garden, making herbal preparations, the Deity and more. Autumn is the harvesting of the herbs, roots, berries and crops to be made into potions, lotions, and magickal goodies to fill our Witches pantry. Winter is when we make brews, elixirs and sachets to help us through this cold season. It´s when we plan for the coming Spring.

Please Note - This online Course is based on the Magickal principles of the Witch and her use of herbs only. It is not a medicinal course nor has been designed to take place of any medications one may be using at the time.


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