Lavender Essential Oil 10ml

Botanical Name - Lavandula angustifolia/officinalis

Common Name – English lavender

Folk Names – Elf Leaf, Nard, Nardus, Spike.

Parts used – Flowering tops.

Extraction method – Steam distillation.

Magickal use – Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for its antiseptic, healing and sedative properties. For general first aid it should be one of the main oils you have in your Witches apothecary cupboard as it is highly versatile. Ideal for use on cuts, eczema, grazes, itchy bites, minor burns and wounds. Lavender with its sedative properties calms irritability, nervous tensions, stresses, tension headaches and aids one in a peaceful sleep and rest. Added to a carrier oil it makes a great massage oil to alleviate aches, pains, muscular spasms, stiff muscles and a tired body. A few drops of the pure essential oil can be added to bath water for the same results. Lavender also enhances the energies in the home with its clearing, cleansing and uplifting scent and a good oil for love blends and for clearing and protecting the magick space before circle casting and afterwards. A few drops in your wash and bed linen also brings cleansing, healing and restful energies. Add to oil burners, baths, washes, oil blends and herb mixes. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle. 

Cautions – Although considered to be one of the safest oil to use, one should always take care and discontinue use if any allergies or rashes appear. Do not continually inhale it in its pure form as it may result in a headache. 

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