Jasmine 3% Essential Oil 10ml

Please note this is a blend of 3% Pure Jasmine Absolute with jojoba oil. Jasmine is known as the ‘King of oils’ and to obtain pure Jasmine essential oil one would be looking at an extremely costly item. A vast quantity of jasmine flowers are pressed in order to yield usable quantities of the pure oil and as they are so delicate, that distillation cannot be performed and so only solvent extracted also known as absolutes exist. It takes more than 8 million jasmine flowers to produce 2 pounds of oil. Our jasmine oil is a blend of 3% pure Jasmine absolute Jasminum officinale and natural jojoba cold pressed carrier oil, Simmondsia chinensis. This yields a beautiful Jasmine oil at a fraction of the cost to both us and the plant.

Botanical Name - Jasminum officinale

Common Name – Jasmine.

Folk Names – Jessamin, Night Blooming Fairy Vine, Yasmin.

Parts used – Flowers.

Extraction method – Solvent extraction and then steam distillation.

Magickal use – Jasmine oil is favoured for its exotic aroma and aphrodisiac energies especially for enhancing romantic moods, produces feelings of euphoria, sensuality, attracting love and awakens passion and desire. A little dab of the carrier infused oil on your neck and wrists are said to be all it takes to receive the benefits of Jasmines magickal powers. The oil also works on the emotional levels as an anti-depressant, deeply relaxing and brings confidence, soothes the nerves, enhances optimism and peace to any given situation, it also opens our psychic awareness and spirituality to the other realms. Add to oil burners, sachets, bath and herb blends. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle. 

Cautions – May be an irritant to some skins so always use diluted with a carrier oil. In this case the jasmine absolute is already diluted with the Jojoba carrier oil, but always proceed with caution when using it on your skin. Due to its emmanagogue properties it should not be used by pregnant women. Using too much of the oil may impede concentration, it is after all a deep relaxing oil. 

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