Feng Shui for Prosperity, the Western Guide

True accounts of people who have applied essential Feng Shui to their lives and prospered. Wealth and prosperity are associated with so much more than money. These words also represent the invaluable treasures that money can't buy such as good health, loving relationships with friends and family, auspicious opportunities, creative self-expression and a meaningful spiritual life. Author - Terah Kathryn Collins.

The Bagus Map.
Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.
Law and a new order.
Wind, water and wealth.
Room with a view.
Practice makes perfect.
Fine Dining.
Wildflowers within.
Down the drain.
Full circle.
Wonder woman.
Life is but a stream and more.

Hardcover, 223 pages. 

This book has been unread and in storage so still in great condition. 


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