Sunflower Oil 100ml

Botanical Name – Helianthus annuus.

Common Name – Sunflower.

Folk Names - Corona Solis, Marigold of Peru, Suns Face.

Parts used – Seeds.

Extraction method – Cold pressing.

Origin – Europe.

Magickal use – Sunflower oil is extremely rich in vitamin E and is used widely used as an oil in skincare moisturises, massage oils and medicinal use as it works well in the treatment of cuts and wounds. The oil is said to help calm the nervous system when used as a massage oil. When used as an anointing oil its energies also include courage, creativity, fertility, solar magick and rituals, good health, opening one to the other realms and spirituality, strength, wealth, wishing magick and of course is a favourite of Leo’s. A few drops on the inside of ones shoes or the souls of the feet are also protective wherever one should venture. Organic Sunflower oil comes in a 100ml glass bottle. For external use only.

Precautions – May cause allergic reaction to skin. Avoid use if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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