Poppy Seed Oil 25ml

Botanical Name - Papaver somniferum

Common Name – Poppy.

Folk Names – Blind Buff, Blindeyes, Opium Poppy, Papaver.

Parts used – Seeds.

Extraction method – Cold pressed, lightly refined.

Origin – UK.

Magickal use – Poppy seed oil is produced from the seeds grown from wild poppies. The seeds have a high purity and oil content so are well used in lotions and skin care to help protect, soften and hydrate the skin. Even said to revitalise tired looking skin so ideal for the crone and Hag. Poppy seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that help strengthen health and enhance wellbeing. Also used to aid sleep and calmness, to promote fertility and a little of the oil dabbed on coins or bank notes are said to attract wealth., Ecocert natural certified Poppy seed oil, 25ml. comes in a glass bottle.

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