Amyris Essential Oil 10ml

Botanical Name – Amyris balsamifera.

Common Name – Amyris.

Folk Names – Amyris, Candlewood, Torchwood, West Indian Sandalwood.

Parts used – Wood.

Extraction method – Steam distillation.

Origin – Haiti.

Magickal use – Although Amyris Sandalwood is sometimes referred to as Sandalwood, it has no connections to the Sandalwood Santalum album botanical family and Genus at all. Their scents however are reminiscent.

Amyris is used as an ingredient in soaps and other skin cares including shampoos and perfumes as an excellent fixative in place of sandalwood due to the difference in costs. However Amyris does have antiseptic properties and helps soothe and soften dry and irritated skin. Added to oil burners it can help calm the home due to its sedative qualities, is grounding, uplifting and warming. It will open one up to the spiritual realms through dream and vision work. Works on the root and sacral chakras and when a little is mixed with carrier oil (3 drops pure essential oil – 5mls carrier oil) it can be dabbed onto the third eye to help encourage visions and intuition. In a massage oil along with carrier oils it works to relax muscles and ease physical tensions and stresses. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle.

Precautions – May cause allergic reaction to some individuals and/or photoallergy. Avoid use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please note – This Amyris Sandalwood differs from the East Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) which is far more expensive to obtain and preferred in therapeutic treatments. 

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