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This charm is said to help protect thy home from negativity. Comes with 3 nails, directions and chan..

Agate helps to stabilize the aura. Enhances mental stimulation and eliminates negative energies. Hel..

(Agrimonia eupatoria) Organic Agrimony 20gm Use for protection, to banish negative energies and..

Add to baths to help attune to the positive qualities of the Air Element. Encourages rational though..

Burn on charcoals or throw into the balefire to attune to the energies of the Element of Air. Comes ..

Organic Allium sativum. (Garlic flakes.)  20 grams. Said to guard against vampires, psychic en..

Sprinkle around the Altar area to bring about positive energies. Helps to “Earth” ones tools and ite..

Amber is a fossilized tree resin also known as the blood or life force of the tree. Its energies inc..

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