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It is nearly the end of another calendar year and with the help of some witchy magick, nature, a sense of humour and lots of good chocolate we shall step into another one. Some weird and wonderful traditions that are practiced during the last day of the calendar year and to greet the new calendar ye..
  Hemlock House includes the Shop and Wycksted School of Witchery where we teach our workshops.   WYCKSTED SHOP The shop is now open by appointment only. This means one will need to ring or email to organise a time to pop in. It also ensures that someone will be here when you..
How many of us enjoy housework? I know there are many out there who simply adore housework and all its connotations, but as a Leo (and I am not speaking for all Leo’s) I feel that delegation is the best way to go however there is only so much work that the Brownies and Hobgoblins can do, so I find m..
Merry meet to a new calendar year, filled with all sorts of hope, magick and new beginnings. I hope you have all done the festive season proud and are taking some time out for yourselves in amidst it all.  Make sure pets are well provided for in this hot weather, especially when travelling or l..
BLACK CATS IN HISTORY ‘Look into a cats eyes and you may not like what you see.’ Throughout my life we have always had cats and mainly black cats. As I write even now one sits above my desk on his specially widened window sill so he can watch me while I work, guarding and guiding me and ensuri..
Charms and amulets play an important role in any faith, culture or religion. Charms gave those who believed in them the faith to carry on through hard and trying times. They brought about fertility and blessings as well as protection from fire, lightning and to some who believed enough, protection f..
SUMMER SOLSTICE December 22nd – Southern Hemisphere June 21-22nd – Northern Hemisphere As we leave the gateway of Summer that was opened with the Fertility Festival of Beltane our path brings us to the Summer Solstice also known as Litha or Midsummer to some. This Sabbat marks the longest a..
Initiations and Covens Another week passes us by and as I sit here typing I wonder where it went! First off, Kiddy pops is roaring around brilliantly after his upsets of last week, so that is great. He has become a little more snuggly and now prefers to sleep with his paw touching my hand duri..
So the week to date… A rather eventful week especially with the new website and having to learn new technology, gadgets and other, but with the help of chocolate, rescue remedy and good coffee (fruit and veg as well of course!) I seem to be maintaining my sanity. There has been a few hiccups alon..
Merry meet, After many years we have finally updated the website including a whole new look, format and many fabulous extras. We have been working with the fantastic group called Smokey Lemon from New Plymouth who I can only say were amazing to work with. For one such as myself whom many of you w..
September 23rd - Southern Hemipshere. The Spring Equinox is known as a Quarter Day or a ‘Lesser Sabbat,’ but certainly by no means lesser than any of the other seven Sabbats in the Witches year. The other four Lesser or Quarter Days are the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Winter Sol..

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