Hemlock House Shop

Please note, the Hemlock House shop is taking a break as we head into the Winter season and is currently in the throes of being moved into another building elsewhere on the farm. Updates will be given via this page. 


The Hemlock House shop is part of the Wycksted School of Witchery where we teach our workshops. The shop is open by appointment only and you can peruse the shop and/or pick up orders.. It is not open to the public as a standard ‘shop’ in the high or low streets so this means one will need to ring or email to organise a time to visit. It also ensures that someone will be here when you arrive as we are not always available. 

As our shop is also on farmland there are a few tips to remember when visiting.

  • Please ensure all gates are firmly closed behind you and that all windows are wound up to avoid nosy cats and chickens.  
  • During winter and wet weather it is advisable to wear gumboots or shoes for farm walking. The walk from parking to the shop is also about 60 metres and has a varied terrain including a wobbly path and sometimes livestock will be wandering about.
  • There is no public toilet for use.


Orders and Payments

There is currently no power connected as we decided the Power Company charged too much for a second dwelling and thus we deemed it unnecessary and had it disconnected. We are looking into solar power but for now we are happy making do. There are no Eft-pos or Credit card facilities, so payment for any items will need to be made by Cash only. Mobile phone coverage may be limited so Paypal and Internet banking payments may or may not work and there is no computer at Hemlock House.

Please Note - Not all items on the Wycksted website will be in the shop and not all items in the shop will be on the Wycksted website. If there is a particular item/items you would like, please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure we have them ready for you to pick up, depending on what is to be made, we may need three days to a weeks’ notice.  And of course we still have the Wycksted Online shop

For any queries please contact us - info@wycksted.co.nz


Hemlock House Shop

Glorit, RD4 Warkworth
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