Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml


Botanical Name – Boswellia serrata

Common Name – Olibanum.

Folk Names – Franc encens, Olibans, Olibanus.

Parts used – Resin.

Extraction method – Hydro distillation.

Magickal use – Frankincense has long been used to open one up to sacred rites and the spiritual worlds, for anointing purposes, enhancing psychic powers, in embalming methods and as the temple scent of choice. The scent is calming, encourages a happy and healthy mood, expansive as it helps open the mind and uplifting so no wonder it is a favourite when doing vision quests, dream and spirit work, walking in other realms and meditation. Added to a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba it makes a rejuvenation oil for toning and regenerating mature skin. Its effects also work well on the respiratory system as it helps ease the breath, clear congestion and bring calmness to the mind and stressful situations. Add to oil burners, anointing blends, soaps and washes, herbal blends and baths. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle. 

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