Deity Jewellery

Attune to the Gods, Goddesses and Deity with these magickally crafted jewellery charms, trinkets and pendants.

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Tiny Bast pendant or charm of the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Lead free Pewter, 16mmH x 0.9mmW. ..

Egyptian Cat Goddess, perfect for Bast devotees and Cat lovers. Lead free Pewter, 24mmH x 15mmW ..

Egyptian Goddess Hathor. In her fierce lion-headed incarnation. Hathor was worshiped for over 3,000 ..

Beautiful Hecate drawing down the power of the moon to earth in this lead free pewter version. 47mmH..

Goddess of Beauty and Wealth. Each year in October, Lakshmi's festival, Diwali, is a major cultural ..

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