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A black, glass -like rock also known as the reflection stone, (as you can see your reflection in it,..

Ocean Jasper draws its calming and soothing power from the element of Water and of course the oceans..

Picture Jasper is said to be the Earth Mother speaking to her children. This stone contains messages..

A stone of protection especially when facing adversary of any kind. Is said to help reduce sexual de..

An energising and cleansing stone that helps to remove fears and overcome depression. Ideal for the ..

 A stone of unconditional love. Helps induce deep meditation to connect to the higher self. Is ..

This is a stone of the “Heart.” Is said to help take away stress and negative thoughts while helping..

Selenite honours this Goddess, it connects to the energies of all Moon phases so ideal in Moon divin..

Place near animals to encourage healing. (no more than half an hour per day) Calms the mind, helps t..

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