Clove Essential Oil 10ml

Botanical Name - Syzygium aromaticum

Common Name – Cloves.

Folk Names – Exorcism Pins, Syzygos.

Parts used – Buds.

Extraction method – Steam distillation.

Magickal uses – The spicy scent of Clove oil with its powerful properties of being an anaesthetic and antiseptic is also an ancient remedy for toothache and sore gums and still used by many dentists today diluted with carrier oil. Its stimulating effect is helpful in massage oils to alleviate joint and muscle aches, stiffness and pains. Used as an inhalant it is ideal for helping rid colds and flus, however a little should be used at a time so do proceed with caution. Clove oil helps sharpen the mind and senses when one is feeling lethargic and rather dull headed. Add to oil burners, incense blends, washes and room sprays and use in the sick room to aid in healing and where cleansing and purifying is needed. A natural insect repellent, Clove oil also is a winter solstice favourite, has protective energies, is used to rid negativity in general, for banishing, to bring courage and is used in money spells and magick. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle.

Cautions – Can be an irritant to the skin. Caution when over using as an inhalant. 

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