Greetings to all in the realms of Witchery

Wycksted welcomes you to our online, retail store. We supply Wiccan, Magickal and Mystical items that are based on ancient, traditional and modern beliefs of the Craft and the Witches Rede.

Our products have been made locally as well as being sourced from various countries from around the world. Many of our range are also made here at "Wycksted" including Potions and Lotions, Herbal blends, incense mixes, sachets, powders, pouches and Spell boxes. We make them to suit the customer and their individual needs, one spell at a time.

The Black Cat that greets you as you enter Wycksted, is one of our familiars. He works with us and acts as a guardian over our Magick and spellcasting. He also features in the Familiars 'Cat'agory, helping to put his paw of approval on items for those who work amongst us in their Animal form.

Browse through our wide range of items online that we offer from organic and wild harvested herbs and spices, magickal oils and candles to jewellery, divination and other Wiccan tools. Venture into The Apothecary to see what´s brewing or browse through our witchy library, you might just find that special something.

The Wyckistry contains information regarding Witchery in general, the Sabbats, Notice Board, Events and more...

As well as our online website we also have a physical shop open by appointment and based in our affectionately named Hemlock House. There is also the Wycksted School of Witchery where one can study either online or with us at our various workshops.



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