July Calendar

1st – Death of Nostradamus.

2nd – Festival of pregnant women celebrated in ancient Rome.

3rd – Festival of Cerridwen, Celtic Fertility Goddess.  Sacred to Egyptian Supreme Goddess Isis, the Greek War Goddess Athena and the Witch of Gaeta in Italy.

4th – Independence Day. Waterfall Ceremony, Native American Indian.

5th – Conviction of Witches at the Chelmsford Trials, 1589. Sun Dance festival, Native American Indian. Sacred to Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice.

6th – Scott Cunningham initiated into the Ancient Pictish Gaelic Way, 1981.

7th – Feast of Juno.

9th – Birthday of Amber K, Wiccan author. Festival for Unnr the Deep-Minded, Teutonic.

10th – Day of Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld.

11th – Feast of Min, Egyptian.

13th – Birthday of Dr.John Dee, Magician 1527. Birth of the Egyptian God, Osiris.

14th – First crop circles recorded on Silsbury Hill, 1988. Birthday of Asar, Egyptian. Birth of the Egyptian Sky and Sun God, Horus.

15th – Birthday of Raumi, Finnish Goddess of the Rowan Tree.

16th – Birthday of Set, Egyptian.

18th -  Birthday of Nepthys, Egyptian Goddess of Death.

19th – Sacred to Venus and Adonis, Roman.

22nd – North Hampshire Witches condemned, 1612. Choctaw festival, Native American Indian.

23rd – Beginning of Dog Days, Egyptian.

26th – Pueblo Buffalo and Corn Dances, Native American.

27th – Jennet Preston becomes the first of the “Malkin Tower” Witches to be hanged, 1612.

28th – Domhnach Chrom Dubh, Irish Grain God Festival. Sacred to the Norse God of Sky and Thunder, Thor.

29th – Agnes Waterhouse, accused of having a spotted cat Familiar named Sathan is hanged, 1566.

31st – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky born, 1861.



The Following dates have been supplied by the New Zealand’s Witchy Lunar Calendar. 

 Friday 6th - Last Quarter Moon. Time to clear out anything that hasn´t worked or isn´t needed. Rising at midnight and setting at noon, this Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun. Time to clear out anything that hasn’t worked or isn’t needed.

Friday 13th - New Moon. Start new projects and magick.

Friday 20th - First Quarter Moon. Rising at Noon and setting at Midnight, the Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Light and dark are in equal balance. Consolidate and give form to projects. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise.

Saturday 28th - Full Moon. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn, is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. The Full Moon is the time to celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. Enjoy your Esbat celebrations. We have a Blue Moon due to the fact there are two full moons in the calendar month. Lots of extra special magick and witchery. 


APOGEE AND PERIGEE  From timeanddate.com

The Moon's orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, but elliptical, with one side closer to Earth than the other. As a result, the distance between the Moon and Earth varies throughout the month and the year. On average, the distance is about 382,900 kilometers (238,000 miles). The point on the Moon's orbit closest to Earth is called the Perigee and the point farthest away is the Apogee. 

Apogee (Furthest away from the earth)           Friday 27th

Perigee (Closest to the earth)                          Friday 13th 


SUPERMOON  Friday 13th. A New Moon at perigee is also often referred to as a supermoon. However, this event usually garners less attention because a New Moon is invisible from Earth.

SOLAR ECLIPSE - July 13th. Partial solar eclipses happen when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth, but the Moon only partially covers the Sun's disk.

LUNAR ECLIPSE - July 27th - 28th. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and into its shadows or ‘umbra’ being the word. This can only occur when the Moon, Earth and the Sun are aligned exactly or as close as is possible. This means that the Lunar Eclipse can only happen on the night of a Full Moon. And the magickal energies are way beyond what the mind can imagine. Three great beings all together and in alignment. The length of the eclipse will depend on the Moon and its location in relevance to the orbital nodes.



CANCER - June 23rd - July 22nd

Symbol – The Crab, Element – Water, Planet – The Moon, Quality – Cardinal, Personal Creed- I feel, Negative/Feminine sign. The home-makers of the Zodiac, Cancerians are known as guardians of the Hearth and Home.

LEO - July 23rd  – August 23rd. Symbol – The Lion, Element – Fire, Planet – The Sun, Quality – Fixed, Personal Creed- I will, Positive/Masculine Sign. The Lion, King of the Beasts, links with royal nobility and ruled by the Sun, the brightest star in the universe.

Some of the Leo's. Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Tennyson, Amelia Earhart, Andy Warhol, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Benito Mussolini, Bill Clinton,  Carl Jung,  Davey Crockett, Edain McCoy, Emily Bronte, Fidel Castro, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Hulk Hogan, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez, Lucille Ball, Madonna the singer, Mae West, Mata Hari, Mick Jagger, Napolean Bonaparte, Neil Armstrong, Nerys M, Nicole W, Pam T, Peter O’Toole,  Queen Mother, Raymond Buckland, Robert De Niro, Rowan of Wycksted, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Yves St Laurent.



Oak - Duir - June 10th - July 7th

These people born under the Oak sign have an uncanny strength and courage about them, they are very protective and often become champions for those who are unable to speak out for themselves. Oak signs seem to love history and are well suited to teaching. The Oak is the known as the King, the tree of the God and protector of the forests. It imparts endurance, courage, fertility, protection and strength. The trees noble presence assured ancient people that with the good will of their Gods, leader and warriors that they could prevail against all odds. The Celtic word ‘Duir’ is believed to mean door and possibly the root word of druid. 

Holly - Tinne - July 8th - August 4th. 

Holly people overcome obstacles easily, therefore are ones to take on challenges easily. They are ambitious, competitive and confident in nearly everything they do and can make great leaders and although some may think of them as arrogant because of this, Holly people can be very generous and kind. Holly is the ruler of Winter and the King of the darker half of the seasonal wheel. While around us many other trees lie dormant the Holly is bright and rich with his greenery and red berries. Due to their prickly leaves they are an ideal herb for protection and are said to guard against lightning strikes and used in defence magick and spells. Bring Holly branches into the home over winter to honour this season and add a touch of greenery and protection to the home and all who reside there. 

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