October Calendar

1st-Birthday of Issac Bonewits, (Born 1st Oct 1949) Druid, Magician and Witch. Birthday of Annie Besant, Theosophical Society President, 1847.

2nd-Guiding Spirits/Guardian day. (Druidic)

3rd-Meditrinalia Festival honouring Meditrina the Roman Goddess of Healing. Marawu, Hopi Ritual of Corn fertility.

4th-Sacred to the Greek Corn Goddess, Demeter. Elk festival-Native American.

5th-Festival of the Old Woman, celebrated in Lithuania to honor the Corn Goddess. Day of the Holy Spirit-Gnostic.

6th-Feast of the Virgin Zapopan, Mexican rain Goddess.

7th-Feast of Shu-Egyptian. Pallas Athena’s Day. Birthday of Arnold Crowther, Stage Magician and Gardnerian Witch, 1909-1974.

9th-Sacred to Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and fertility. Day of Felicitas, Roman Goddess of Happiness.

10th-Start of the Festival of Light in Brazil, to drive away the forces of Darkness and Evil.

11th-Sacred to the Old Lady of the Elder Trees in Germany and Denmark.

12th-Day of Fortuna Redux, Roman Goddess of Travel. Birthday of Aleister Crowley. Edward Alexander Crowley, 12th Oct 1875-1st Dec 1947. British occultist, writer, philosopher and mystic. A member of the Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis and Argenteum Astrum. He also claimed to be a Freemason.

14th-William Penn, Born 14th Oct 1644-30th July 1718. Founder and Absolute Proprietor of the Province of Pennsylvania. Known as a champion of religious freedom.

15th- Sacred to the Roman God of War, Mars.

16th-Cera festival (Irish)

17th-Departed Worthies Festival (Tibetan) Festival of Grain (Japenese)

18th-Sacred to the Celtic Horned God, Herne/Cernunnos. Birthday of Nicholas Culpeper, Astrologer and Herbalist, Born 1616.

20th-Birthday of Selena Fox, Born 20th Oct 1949, American Wicca High Priestess, founder of Circle Sanctuary. Festival of Ancestors (Chinese)

21st-Sacred to the Slavic Moon Goddess, Ursala and her Swabian counterpart, Horsel.

22nd-Hi Matsuri, a Fire festival celebrated in Japan.

25th-Festival of Han Lu, Chinese Harvest Goddess.

27th-Celtic Tree Month of Ivy ends. Owaglt, Hopi Women’s Healing Ceremony. Birthday of Patricia Crowther, born 1927, Witch and High Priestess. Circle Sanctuary founded in 1974.

28th-Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins. Fall ceremonies honoring Isis begin. Norse Fyribod Festival (Winter and bad weather)

29th-Feast of the Dead observed in Iroquois. (Native American)

30th-Angelitos, Mexican Dedication of Souls of Lost Children. PACT (Pagan Awareness Coalition for Teens established in Omaha, Nebraska, 2001.

31st-Beltane for the Southern Hemisphere, Samhain/Halloween for the Northern Hemisphere. Covenant of the Goddess founded, 1975.



The Full Moon in October is usually known as the Hare Moon. Why? One ancient legend says that in the month of Beltane the Hare was seen to be gazing at the full moon. It was believed that the Hare or sometimes said to be Rabbit once lived in the moon and was longingly looking back at this home and that of his family who still lived in the moon. However his moon goes under many names and faces and is also known as the Bright Moon, Dyad Moon, Flower Moon, Leaf Moon, Love Moon and Milk Moon. You will know if a Witch has Hare as their familiar, as the Witch will seem to be darting off in all directions, be very, very nimble and will gaze intently at the full moon closest to Beltane.



The Following dates have been supplied by the New Zealand’s Witchy Lunar Calendar. 

Tuesday 2nd - Last Quarter Moon. Time to clear out anything that hasn´t worked or isn´t needed. Rising at midnight and setting at noon, this Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun. Time to clear out anything that hasn’t worked or isn’t needed.

Tuesday 9th  - New Moon. Start new projects and magick.

Wednesday 17th - First Quarter Moon. Rising at Noon and setting at Midnight, the Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Light and dark are in equal balance. Consolidate and give form to projects. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise.

Thursday 25th - Full Moon. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn, is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. The Full Moon is the time to celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. Enjoy your Esbat celebrations. We have a Blue Moon due to the fact there are two full moons in the calendar month. Lots of extra special magick and witchery. 


APOGEE AND PERIGEE  From timeanddate.com

The Moon's orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, but elliptical, with one side closer to Earth than the other. As a result, the distance between the Moon and Earth varies throughout the month and the year. On average, the distance is about 382,900 kilometers (238,000 miles). The point on the Moon's orbit closest to Earth is called the Perigee and the point farthest away is the Apogee. 

Apogee (Furthest away from the earth)          Thursday 18th 

Perigee (Closest to the earth)                          Saturday 6th. 



LIBRA -September 23rd – October 23rd. Symbol – The Scales, Element – Air, Planet – Venus, Quality – Cardinal, Personal Creed- I balance, Positive/Masculine Sign. The Scales of justice that weighed the souls of the dead against a feather.Balance and harmony for all.

Some of the Librians. Augustus, Issac Bonewits, Aleister Crowley, Arnold Crowther, Selena Fox, Mickey Rooney, Paul Simon, Julio Igesias, Michael Douglas, George Gershwin, Olivia Newton-John, Ed Sullivan, Peter Finch, Brigitte Bardot, Jerry Lee Lewis, Truman Capote, Groucho Marx, Walter Matthau, Chubby Checker, Charlton Heston, Bob Geldolf, Susan Sarandon, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Sigourney Weaver, John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight D Eisenhower, Roger Moore, Oscar Wilde, Evel Knievel, Rita Hayworth, Bela Lugosi.

SCORPIO - October 24th – November 22nd Symbol – The Scorpion, Element – Water, Planet – Pluto, Quality – Fixed, Personal Creed- I create, Negative/Feminine Sign. One of the most psychic signs in the Zodiac, the Scorpion brings with it mystery, strength and passion.

Some of the Scorpios. Paracelus, Francis Israel Regardie, Pablo Picasso, Theodore Roosevelt, Dylan Thomas, Bill Gates, John Cleese, Larry flint, Marie Antoinette, Charles Bronson, Walter Cronkite, Sally Field, Marie Curie, Richard Burton, Grace Kelly, Neil Young, Saint Augustine, Whoopie Goldberg, King Hussein, Rick Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Martin Luther, Indira Gandhi, Jodie Foster, Goldie Hawn.



IvyGort - September 30th - October 27th

Ivy people like to make connections and seem to weave in and out of your life bringing change and friendships. They have incredible strength and can be determined which may seem a little too pushy to some. The plant that intertwines and winds itself through cracks and crevices where one cannot enter. A durable plant it searches and forever attempts to move forward. Used in protection, healing and strength magick and spells.

ReedNgetal – October 28th – November 24th

These people have hidden strength and are known by the Celts as the secret keepers of the tree zodiac.  Natural story tellers they know how to spin a yarn but also have the knack of getting people to talk about things they may have themselves kept hidden. Reed folk are also creative, and resourceful. Reeds were and still are used as thatch for many homes. Placed on the floor they created warmth and insulation as well as being practical. They also made good candles when the tips were lit.


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