November Calendar

1st - Day of the Dead, Mexico, Spain and South America. All Saints Day, All Hallows Day, All Souls Eve. Assembly of Tara, Celtic. Beltane Day (Southern Hemisphere)

2nd- All Souls Day.

3rd - Festival for the New Year, Gaelic.

4th - Lord of the Death Festival, Ancient Britain.

5th - Wuwuchim, Hopi Fire Ceremony. Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, English. Birthday of Witch, artist and founder of the NZ Witchy Lunar Calendar, RC.

6th - Birthday of Tiamat, Great Dragon Mother of Babylon.

7th - Makahiki Harvest festival, Hawaii. Festival of Plowing, Egyptian.

8th - Gwynn ap Nudd Day, Celtic. Festival of the Kami of the Hearth, Japanese. Marriage of Patricia and Arnold Crowther, officiated by Gerald Gardner 1960.

9th - Loy Krathong, Thai Feast of Lights.

11th - Veterans Day, Remembrance Day. Pagan Day of Heroes in Northern Europe.

13th - Festival of Jupiter, Roman. Isis resurrects Osiris, North African.

14th - Mocca´s Day, Celtic Pig Goddess. Feast of the Musicians, Druidic.

16th - Night of Hecate, Greek.

17th - Birthday of Francis Israel Regardie, Occultist and member of the OTO, 1907. Feast of St Hilda, matron of Professional Women.

18th - Day of Ardvi Sura, Persian Mother of the Stars. Aleister Crowley initiated into the Golden dawn 1898.

19th - Warlock Day. Feast of Santa Isabel, Mexican.

20th - Church of All Worlds incorporates in Australia, 1992. Praetextatus and Paulisa Festival, Guardians of the Eleusinian mysteries.

21st - Day of Kulkukan, Mayan. Day of Cailleach, Celtic Old Veiled Woman.

22nd - Ydalir, Norse Winter Festival.

22nd - Sun into Sagittarius.

24th - Feast of Burning Lamps, Egyptian. Thanksgiving in USA.

25th - Feast of Gaia, Greek Goddess.

26th - Festival of Lights, Tibet.

27th - Day sacred to the Egyptian Mother Goddess, Hathor.

28th - Day of Sophia, Greek Goddess of Wisdom. William Blake born, 1757.

29th - Sacred to the Egyptian Goddess of War and Healing, Sekhmet. Sons of Saturn festival. Day of Mawu, Dahomey Great Mother.

30th  - Birthday of Oberon Zell- Ravenheart, Co-founder of Church of All Worlds, Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry.




The Following dates have been supplied by the New Zealand’s Witchy Lunar Calendar. 

Thursday 1st - Last Quarter Moon. Time to clear out anything that hasn´t worked or isn´t needed. Rising at midnight and setting at noon, this Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun. Time to clear out anything that hasn’t worked or isn’t needed.

Thursday 8th - New Moon. Start new projects and magick.

Friday 16th - First Quarter Moon. Rising at Noon and setting at Midnight, the Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Light and dark are in equal balance. Consolidate and give form to projects. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise.

Friday 23rd - Full Moon. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn, is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. The Full Moon is the time to celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. Enjoy your Esbat celebrations. We have a Blue Moon due to the fact there are two full moons in the calendar month. Lots of extra special magick and witchery. 

Friday 30th - Last Quarter Moon.



The Moon's orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, but elliptical, with one side closer to Earth than the other. As a result, the distance between the Moon and Earth varies throughout the month and the year. On average, the distance is about 382,900 kilometers (238,000 miles). The point on the Moon's orbit closest to Earth is called the Perigee and the point farthest away is the Apogee. 

Apogee (Furthest away from the earth)          Thursday 15th.

Perigee (Closest to the earth)                          Thursday 1st and Tuesday 27th.



SCORPIO - October 24th – November 22nd Symbol – The Scorpion, Element – Water, Planet – Pluto, Quality – Fixed, Personal Creed- I create, Negative/Feminine Sign. One of the most psychic signs in the Zodiac, the Scorpion brings with it mystery, strength and passion.

Some of the Scorpios. Paracelus, Francis Israel Regardie, Pablo Picasso, Theodore Roosevelt, Dylan Thomas, Bill Gates, John Cleese, Larry flint, Marie Antoinette, Charles Bronson, Walter Cronkite, Sally Field, Marie Curie, Richard Burton, Grace Kelly, Neil Young, Saint Augustine, Whoopie Goldberg, King Hussein, Rick Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Martin Luther, Indira Gandhi, Jodie Foster, Goldie Hawn.


SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd -December 21st Symbol – The Archer, Element – Fire, Planet – Jupiter, Quality – Mutable, Personal Creed - I see, Positive/Masculine Sign. Aiming an arrow at the stars, Sagittarius links to Chiron the freedom loving and divine healing Centaur.

Some of the Sagittarians-  Judith Anodea, Otter Zell, John F Kennedy Jr, Harpo Marx, Tina Turner, William Blake, Mark Twain, Billy Idol, Winston Churchill, Janetlouise, Woody Allen, Bette Midler, Gianni Versace, Walt Disney, Sammy Davis Jr, Jim Morrison, Kirk Douglas, Christina Onassis, Dick Van Dyke, Patty Duke, Jane Austen, frank Sinatra, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arthur C Clarke, Betty Grable, Uri Geller, Joseph Stalin, Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson, Liefer Sutherland, Frank Zappa.



ReedNgetal – October 28th – November 24th

These people have hidden strength and are known by the Celts as the secret keepers of the tree zodiac.  Natural story tellers they know how to spin a yarn but also have the knack of getting people to talk about things they may have themselves kept hidden. Reed folk are also creative, and resourceful. Reeds were and still are used as thatch for many homes. Placed on the floor they created warmth and insulation as well as being practical. They also made good candles when the tips were lit.

Elder - Ruis - November 25th - December 22nd.

The seeker, freedom loving and wild. The Elder is a tree of judgement and protection, a sacred tree that protects the Fae and keeps away negative energies and evil spirits. Branches of Elder are hung in doorways and over stable to protect those within.


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