Calendar for April

1st-Aprils Fools Day. Veneralia Festival dedicated to Roman Goodess, Venus, Fortuna and Concordia. Corn planting Festival, Iroquoise.

2nd-Battle of Flowers, French.

3rd-Celebration of the return of Persephone, the Greek Goddess of the Underworld and healing from the Underworld.

4th-Start of the Megalesia, sacred to the Roman Mother Cybele.

5-Sacred to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion in China. Tomb sweeping Day, Chinese Day of Ancestor Remembrance. Lady Luck Day.

6th-Ching-Ming, Chinese All Souls Day. Manannans Day, Celtic.

7th-Fetival of the Blagini in Romania. Church of All Worlds established 1962.

9th-The Hocktide Festival in England, honouring the Saxon women who repelled Danish invaders in AD 1002. Mordrons Day, Celtic. Lumeria Day, Festival honouring the Spirits of dead family members who wander the earth. Vampires Day.

10th- Dedicated to Bau, the Babylonian Sumerian Mother Goddess. Megalesia ends.

11th-Festival of Anahit, the Armenian Moon Goddess. Feast of San Leo, Mexican.

12th-Cerealia begins - Roman. Festival of Water – Buddhist.

13th – Start decorating for Samhain. (Southern Hemisphere) Familiars Day.

15th-Festival of Bast, Egyptian.

14th-Sommarblot, Norse Summer Festival.

16th-The Hiketaria Festival honouring the Greek Sun God, Helios. Celtic Tree Calendar month of Willow, April 15th -May 12th. The Willow is associated with Death, a tree of enchantment.

17th-Chariot Festival, Nepalese.

18th-Thargelia, Greek festival of Purification for Apollo and Artemis.

19th-Cerealia ends - Roman. Balinese Woman’s Celebration.

20th – Yaqui Pageant - Native American. Egg Rolling Day – British.

21st - Palala Festival homouring Pales, the Roman Goddess of the Flocks. Parilia Festival honouring Roma, Goddess of Rome.

22nd-Earth Day. A day to work with Earth elementals and spirits.

23rd-The Vinalia Festival dedicated to Venus the Roman Goddess of the Vineyard, and Jupiter the Supreme God.

24th-Childrens Day, Icelandic.

25th-Anzac Day, Australia and New Zealand. Cuckoo Day – English.

26th-New Years Day, Sierra Leone.

28th-Floralia begins, Roman. Celtic celebration of God, Lludd.

29th-Pagan Tree Day.

30th-Samhain Eve/Halloween, Southern Hemisphere. May Day Eve, Northern Hemisphere. Walpurgis Night, Germany. Taliesin Nights, Merlin’s Night, Celtic celebration of the High Priests of Magick.



The Following dates have been supplied by the New Zealand’s Witchy Lunar Calendar. 


1st and 30th – Full Moon. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn, is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. The Full Moon is the time to celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. Enjoy your Esbat celebrations. We have a Blue Moon due to the fact there are two full moons in the calendar month. Lots of extra special magick and witchery. 

8th - Last Quarter Moon. Time to clear out anything that hasn´t worked or isn´t needed. Rising at midnight and setting at noon, this Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun. Time to clear out anything that hasn’t worked or isn’t needed.

16th - New Moon. Start new projects and magick.

23rd - First Quarter Moon. Rising at Noon and setting at Midnight, the Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Light and dark are in equal balance. Consolidate and give form to projects. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise.

Apogee (Furthest away from the earth)           Sunday 8th

Perigee (Closest to the earth)                          Saturday 21st



ARIES - March 21st  – April 20th 

Symbol – The Ram, Element – Fire, Planet – Mars, Quality – Cardinal, Personal Creed- I am, Positive/Masculine Sign. Assertive, courageous and ruled by the God of War, Aries will take on who or whatever ever comes his way.

TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st

Symbol – The Bull, Element – Earth, Planet – Venus, Quality – Fixed, Personal Creed- I have, Negative/Feminine sign.
An ancient symbol of strength and fertility within nature, Taureans are known as being loving and gentle.



Alder - Fearn -  March 18th - April 14th

Bold and courageous people, very strong willed. They also have a desire to seek new adventures and like to keep moving and stay busy. When the tree of the Alder is cut, the sap runs red and is seen as blood to the Celts and also a reminder of the sacrifice the tree has given so that it may be used for charcoal, house building and keeping one warm over the cold nights and days. The root system of the Alder is nurturing and provides essential nutrients for the soils, more so than other trees.

The Alder is a tree of divination and will make you face up to situations that you have been avoiding, it will of course help you do this and not just leave you alone as you work through these situations.

Willow - Saille - April 15th – May 12th

Willow people are ruled by the Moon and the water element and can be highly creative, intuitive, intelligent and are usually very psychic and literally bursting with potential. They have also be known to observe well and sit back to see what unravels before them, said to be more patient than many of the other tree signs.
The Willow is the tree that sits by the water and helps ease us into the Summerland. Tree of enchantment, healing, immortality and its branches are used to bind the brushes of the Witches besom.  
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