Calendar for August


1st - Imbolc Eve, Southern Hemisphere. Lughnassadh, Lammas Eve, Northern Hemisphere. Blodeuwedds the ‘Flower faced’ Welsh Goddesses Day. Lithasblot, Norse harvest festival to give thanks to Ertha for her bounty.

2nd - Imbolc. (Southern) Lammas (Northern) Lammas, Northern hemisphere. Groundhog Day.

4th - Celtic Tree month of Holly ends.

5th - Celtic Tree month of Hazel begins.

6th - Festival of Thoth, Egyptian God of the Moon, magic and writing. Festival of Nut, Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Ra, Egyptian Sun God.

7th - Adonia ceremony mourning the death of Aphrodite’s lover Adonis in Ancient Greece.

9th - Carl Weschcke buys Llewellyn Publications 1960.

10th - Puck Fair begins, held in Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland it is one of the oldest and longest celebrated fairs. Always held on August 10th, 11th and 12th without fail. World Lion Day.

11th- Birthday of Edain McCoy, Author and Witch. Laurie Cabot withdraws from the Salem, Massachusetts Mayoral Race due to her other work commitments and a book, 1987.

12th - Lights of Isis Festival, Egyptian.

13th - Church of Wicca established in Australia 1989. Festival of Nemoralia aka Festival of Torches was held by the ancient Romans 13th, 15th or during the August full moon to honour the Roman Goddesses Diana.

14th - Rowan of Wycksted’s Birthday. Witch and founder of Wycksted. Day of peace between Heru/Horus and Set, Egyptian Gods.

15th - Birthday of Charles G Leland, author of Aradia Gospel of the Witches, born 1824.

17th – Odin’s ordeal begins where he hangs himself from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Scott Cunningham’s first initiation into Wicca, 1973.

19th - Rustic Vinalia, Roman festival of the ripening grapes. Festival for Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom and War.

20th - Hopi Flute Ceremony for Spider Woman, Creatrix. The Pendle Hill, Lancashire Witches executed in England 1612.

21st - Heraclia in Kynosarges, Greek Festival for Hercules. Consualia Harvest Festival dedicated to the Roman God of the Grain, Consus.

22nd - Birthday of Cerridwen, Wycksted Witch. Festival of Montu, Egyptian falcon God of War.

23rd - Festival of Nemesis, the Greek God of Righteous Anger. Volcanalia Festival in honour of the Roman God of Fire, Vulcan.

24th - Festival dedicated to Nut, Egyptian Goddess of Sky. Roman Goddess of Corn, Ceres is honoured.

25th – Odin’s ordeal ends. Opeconsiva Harvest Festival dedicated to Ops, the Roman Goddess of Plenty and agriculture.

26th - Ilmatars Day, Finnish Nature Goddess of creation, the water and the sky. Her name means ‘female air spirit.’

27th - Procession of Bast, Egyptian Cat Goddess. Birthday of Nut, Egyptian Sky Goddess. Sacred to Isis, Egyptian Supreme Goddess.

28th - Harvest Festival honouring Frey, Norse God of the farmer, fertility and the harvest.

29th - Festival of Urda, eldest and most high of the Norns. Urda is who Mother Earth is named for. Birthday of Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of joy, motherhood and love.

31st - Raymond Buckland born, 1934, Author and Witch.




The Following dates have been supplied by the New Zealand’s Witchy Lunar Calendar. 

The Bear Moon

Depending on the country, tribe, coven or culture there are many names given to the moon during each month and in August we have the Chaste Moon, Hunger Moon and Storm Moon, we also have the Bear Moon, one of our favourites.

When life is stirring and new growth has started we celebrate with the Sabbat of Imbolc and the Bear celebrates with his/her awakening and choosing to venture out further from the den. He/she may have been awake for some weeks but with the full moon above him he is able to follow his path in a more direct weave and plan his new beginnings whatever they may be. The Bear is a symbol of the Goddess and motherhood as the bear protects her cubs as they romp around in the new grass and still snowy lands. The bear returns to the lands as does the Goddess after her rest and hibernation.

Perhaps you feel that you have stayed indoors too long or have become a recluse, now is the time to ‘awaken’ yourself and your energies, there is a whole new world outside to explore, a world that has been changed from the magick of winter and now sees new life, rebirth and nature making good on the promise of returning the sun and the thaw to our lands.

Celebrate your awakening with a feast of fresh greens, berries, nuts and honey.


August 2017

8th – Full Moon. The Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The Moon, rising at sunset and setting at dawn, is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun. The Full Moon is the time to celebrate the complete flowering and full manifestation of what was visualized at the New Moon. Enjoy your Esbat celebrations. 

15th - Last Quarter Moon. Time to clear out anything that hasn´t worked or isn´t needed. Rising at midnight and setting at noon, this Moon is 90-45 degrees behind the Sun. Time to clear out anything that hasn’t worked or isn’t needed. 

22ndNew Moon. When there are two New Moons in a month the second Moon is known as the Black Moon. 

29thFirst Quarter Moon. Rising at Noon and setting at Midnight, the Moon is 90-135 degrees ahead of the Sun. Light and dark are in equal balance. Consolidate and give form to projects. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise.


Apogee and Perigee

Apogee (Furthest away from the earth)    - Thursday 3rd and Wednesday 30th           

Perigee (Closest to the earth) - Saturday 19th


Eclipses for August

Partial Lunar Eclipse with a Full moon - Tuesday 8th            

This will be seen in Africa, Atlantic, Antarctica, Australia, East in South America, Indian Ocean, much of Asia, much of Europe, Pacific and of course New Zealand.


Total Solar Eclipse with a New Moon - 21st/22nd

The total path of this solar eclipse will be visible from a narrow path spanning all across the USA from the West Coast to the East Coast, weather permitting. It will not be seen from New Zealand. 




LEO -  July 23rd – August 23rd
Symbol – The Lion, Element – Fire, Planet – The Sun, Quality – Fixed, Personal Creed- I will, Positive/Masculine Sign.
The Lion, King of the Beasts, links with royal nobility and ruled by the Sun, the brightest star in the universe.

Some of the Leos - Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Tennyson, Amelia Earhart, Andy Warhol, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Benito Mussolini, Bill Clinton,  Carl Jung,  Cerridwen of Wycksted, Davey Crockett, Edain McCoy, Emily Bronte, Fidel Castro, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Hulk Hogan, Jacqueline Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez, Lucille Ball, Madonna the singer, Mae West, Mata Hari, Mick Jagger, Napolean Bonaparte, Neil Armstrong, Nerys M, Nicole W, Pam T, Peter O’Toole,  Queen Mother, Raymond Buckland, Robert De Niro, Rowan of Wycksted, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson and Yves St Laurent. 


VIRGO - August 24th – September 22nd
Symbol – The Virgin, Element – Earth, Planet – Mercury, Quality – Mutable, Personal Creed - I analyze, Negative/Feminine Sign. Virgoans are the craftsmen of the Zodiac, forever trying to better our planet with their earthy natures.

Some of the Virgos - Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Hazel, Carl Wescheke, Sean Connery, Prince Albert, Mother Teresa, Pee Wee Herman, Cameron Diaz, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Ivan the Terrible, Jesse James, Raquel Walsh, Buddy Holly, Peter Sellers, Michael Keaton, Hugh Grant, Adam Sandler, DH Lawrence, Roald Dahl, Sam Neill, Louis XIV, Lauren Becall, Greta Garbo, Mickey Mouse, Twiggy, Sophia Loren, Stephen King, Joan Jett.



Please note that the Celtic Tree calendar was written from the Northern Hemisphere. Pictures from the Ogham Tree Cards.​ 


Holly - Tinne - July 8th - August 4th

Holly people overcome obstacles easily, therefore are ones to take on challenges easily. They are ambitious, competitive and confident in nearly everything they do and can make great leaders and although some may think of them as arrogant because of this, Holly people can be very generous and kind. 

Holly is the ruler of Winter and the King of the darker half of the seasonal wheel. While around us many other trees lie dormant the Holly is bright and rich with his greenery and red berries. Due to their prickly leaves they are an ideal herb for protection and are said to guard against lightning strikes and used in defence magick and spells. 


Hazel - Coll - August 5th – September 1st

The Hazel tree is considered to be one of great wisdom and throughout the ancients has been utilised for its magick and divination purposes. To the Celts, the Hazel sits at the heart of the Otherworld where nine hazel trees sit over the well of wisdom and drop their hazelnuts into the water that are said to bubble with inspiration and knowledge.  The nuts are considered to be potent amulets of wisdom, courage, protection, prophetic dreams and visions.  


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