Powders and Sprinkles

Handmade from herbs, spices, gums and resins, these powders all have various magickal energies. As with any magick, visualization is needed to help bring that goal/intent into being. Our Powders and Sprinkles come packaged in glass jar or vials with instructions for use. Remember, always be clear about your intent, remain focused, positive only and always heed the Wiccan Reed.

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For use in Initiation Rituals, circle rites and where general blessings are called for. Sprinkle a s..

Gathered from a crossroads, sifted thrice and mixed with a sprinkling of four herbs to honour each o..

This powder can be used to make a protective circle when doing magic. Graveyard Dust aids in invokin..

Hexen Kohle or Witches Charcoal absorbs negativity in general, it also protects and helps banish unw..

In a quiet place, hold the powder in your strong hand. (the one in which you write with) With perfec..

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