Crones Cauldron of Herbs

These herbs have been chosen to honour the Crone. All herbs have healing and protection qualities. Herbs include Birch the tree of the Goddess, Mugwort to help with divination and visions, Mullein for courage and to dispel negativity, Valerian for love and protection, Vervain to calm, enchant, heal and protect, Willow for working with spirit, cleansing and healing and Yarrow to enhance psychic energies and strengthen one on all levels. The cauldron represents the Goddess, the womb, mysteries and is the vessel that holds much magick and wisdoms. Add these herbs to the cauldron and sit it on your altar to honour the Crone Goddess. Ideal during Samhain, Winter, Dark and Waning Moon work. Alternately the herbs can be added to sachets, incense blends, the balefire or sprinkled around the cast circle and sacred space. The small plastic cauldron is approx 5cm high x 6.5cm widest point. 

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