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Wycksted is our online, retail store that supply’s Wiccan, Witchy, Magickal and Mystical items that are based on ancient, traditional and modern beliefs of the Craft whilst always working with the Witches Rede.

The Black Cat that greets you as you enter Wycksted, is one of our familiars amongst many. He works with us and acts as a guardian over our Magick and spellcasting. He also features in the Familiars 'Cat'agory, helping to put his paw of approval on items for those who work amongst us in their Animal form.

The actual home of Wycksted is situated between the Kaipara harbour and New Zealand´s vast farmland country. Surrounded by ancient and native trees, abundant in wildlife and animals, it offers a peaceful and magical setting. We believe in organic and natural farming wherever possible. This includes managing our cattle, sheep and chickens to encourage a healthy and happy life for them. We follow this guideline ourselves and eat from our orchard, herb garden and vege patch. No-one is taking on a Dairy cow at this time, but maybe in the future as we currently make our own cheese, butter and other dairy delights from milk produced by an organic dairy herd in the local village.

We work from a once used farm building now affectionately known as Hemlock House or Wycksted HQ. This area includes the shop, workshop teaching space, a kitchen and the herb room. The shop is now open by appointment only. This means one will need to ring or email to organise a time to pop in. It also ensures that someone will be here when you arrive as we are not always available.

Appointments can be made between the hours of:
Summer and Autumn (October-April)                 9.30am - 4pm
Winter and early Spring (May–September)         10am - 3pm.

The School of Witchery is taught here as well. It is a place to bring Witchcraft or Wicca as some like to refer to it, to the like-minded, to those not knowing where to start or for those who have once again come home to the old ways. We offer these courses and workshops in a natural environment and a sacred space amidst Kaipara's farmland and wildlife. A place where one can reclaim their ancient Pagan spirit with clan and kin. To be yourself and dance in the light, create magick and be a Witch.

Witchy note – Apart from the modern marvellous technologies of our website we all prefer to delve in nature as much as possible, choosing to live by the seasons and cycles of the sun and moon while learning from our animals and familiars whenever we can. Book reading and divination by the glow of a candles flame, hot brews in winter and cool tonics in summer as well as lots of kitchen witchery, spell crafting, fun and laughter. These are just some of the past times we share at Wycksted. 


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