A Gaia Busy Person's Guide to Stress Relief

Whether it’s in a high-octane job, caring for a family or trying to juggle both, stress today is inescapable.But this simple new guide will help break the vicious cycle and restore calm and balance to busy lives. Here are ways to de-stress and make quick, easy changes to eating and sleeping habits and exercise regimes.  And you’ll also find therapies to suit any lifestyle and reduce—even eliminate—anxiety: aromatherapy, feng shui, reiki, yoga, chi kung, crystal healing, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, and visualization. This is for everyone seeking a better balance between work, family, and friendships; who wants a calmer and more efficient daily routine; and longs for a more contented, pleasurable life all around. Paperback, 144 pages. Author Jonathon Hilton. 

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